Mom Gives Birth And Is Startled When Scales Reveal Record-Breaking 14-lb Baby

14 lb baby melis amey

Melis Amey of Australia wowed doctors when she delivered a 14-lb baby girl named Willow. And this extra-large blessing may have even set a new record!

The average size for a baby in Australia is 7.5 lbs. But when Willow Amey made a grand entrance into the world, she did so at double that size!

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"She's huge, absolutely huge," says the girl’s grandmother, Glenda Amey.

Willow’s champ of a mom, Melis Amey, was startled when doctors told her the weight of her 14-lb baby.

"I was like ‘oh, no!’" Melis recalls.

And apparently the hospital staff was surprised. Melis recalls hearing gasps when the nurses put Willow on the scale.

Melis wasn’t exactly surprised — she figured her baby would be big. Her first child weighed 12.3 pounds (5.6 kg). And while she was carrying Willow, people often thought she was pregnant with twins.

But still, Melis Amey never expected a 14-lb baby. And she certainly didn’t expect her labor and delivery to break any records!

Biggest Baby In Victoria

A boy born in 2018 set the record for biggest baby born in Victoria, weighing in at 12.3 pounds (5.6 kg). But as a 14-lb baby, Willow has now set a new record.

“I can’t believe we’ve got the heaviest baby in Victoria at the current time!” Willow’s dad exclaimed.

Despite being a newborn, the sweet girl already fills out 3-month-old baby clothes. And the family jokes how she’ll probably be able to share diapers with her big sister.

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All joking aside, giving birth to a healthy baby is a huge blessing, regardless of their size. So, we’re sending congratulations and prayers for the whole Amey family as they head home with their extra-large bundle of joy!

WATCH: Australian Mom Breaks Record With 14-lb Baby Girl

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