Stranger Spots Walmart Truck Driver And Asks If He Can Pray For Him

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South Carolina news anchor Greg Adaline shared a touching encounter he had with a Walmart truck driver. And Greg wants to remind us all to be grateful for these unsung heroes who are keeping the country in good hands!

A Walmart truck driver schedule isn’t an easy one in the best of times. But in light of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country in 2020, things got even tougher.

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Nationwide panic over COVID-19 left shelves empty at stores all over the country. Citizens rushed to stock up on groceries, as well as cleaning and paper products. Things like hand sanitizer, soap, and even toilet paper were suddenly in short supply.

These shortages meant an even more grueling schedule for truck drivers all over. And that’s why Greg Adaline took the time to say thank you and pray for one Walmart truck driver in particular.

Divine Intervention In Walmart

News anchor Greg Adaline was grabbing a few things in Walmart when he noticed a man just watching as the shoppers cleared the shelves. Even though Greg was trying to just get in and out, he felt the urge to strike up a conversation with the stranger.

He started by asking the gentleman what he does for a living.

"I'm a Walmart Truck Driver,” the man replied.

The response hit the news anchor in a way he never expected.

“For some reason I can't explain — I started to choke up,” Greg Adaline recalled.

Greg went on to call the man a hero. But the humble guy refused to accept the praise.

"Oh no — really. I'm just doing my job,” he said.

But as Greg Adaline thought about the impact of the coronavirus on the Walmart trucker schedule, he saw things differently:

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“We shared a conversation about his long days on the road — how vital his work is to our present predicament as a Nation… and how he is now greeted and received by the public as he carries a truckload of food and supplies to stores…how more people now have a whole new appreciation for his line of work.”

The news anchor pointed out, “It's more than a job these days. It's a mission.”

Moment Of Prayer With Walmart Truck Driver

As the conversation between these two strangers started to come to a close, Greg Adaline made a request.

"Can I pray for you?" he asked the Walmart truck driver.

After getting his consent, Greg boldly prayed with the man right there in Walmart!

"Dear Lord,

Thank you for this man… and the critical job he is doing to help during this crisis. Keep him safe and healthy. Bless him and his wife. We pray that this situation our country faces would soon pass with Your divine help.

In Jesus name,


News anchor Greg Adaline shared the story of his divine appointment on Facebook. He said the experience reminded him “we are certainly in good hands in this country… because of guys just like this”.

And before long, his Facebook post was going viral.

Folks applauded the Walmart truck driver for his service, as well as Greg for recognizing these unsung heroes.

Some people pointed out other ways the coronavirus pandemic has made the job and schedule more difficult for truck drivers.

For example, many truck drivers rely on restaurants to eat while they are on the road. But with so many restaurants going to drive-through only, it’s making it increasingly difficult for truckers to find meals.

walmart truck driver greg adaline

Credit: Facebook

And this post by Greg Adaline is certainly a reminder of the many men and women who work so hard to service the general public, yet rarely get thanked for it.

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With so many hardships caused by COVID-19, what an amazing thing to see someone making that extra effort to serve others!

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