86-Year-Old Widower Experiences Pure Joy Upon Meeting Caretaker’s Grandbaby

86 year old widower Floyd

After discovering an 86-year-old widower named Floyd’s love for babies, his thoughtful caretaker arranged for a very special surprise. And Floyd’s joyous reaction is touching hearts all over the internet!

This past year Floyd lost the love of his life when his wife was called home. After decades together with his wife, he was alone and unable to care for himself.

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As if losing his wife wasn't enough of an adjustment, the 86-year-old widower also had to adjust to living in a nursing home. But one of his caretakers formed a special relationship with him.

As she got to know Floyd, she learned he absolutely loved babies. So she asked her son if he would be willing to bring his daughter in to visit Floyd. And your eyes will fill with tears as you witness Floyd's face transform to a look of absolute, pure joy.

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In fact, they now bring this sweet baby often and they've developed a special bond with Floyd. He even gets the baby little gifts like cute outfits and baby toys. And the best part is this sweet little baby girl adores Floyd too. When she sees Floyd, her eyes light up with recognition as a grin spreads across her chubby little face.

86-Year-Old Widower Who Loves Babies Goes Viral

Later, when the video of 86-year-old widower Floyd was posted online, it started trending because it was such a sweet moment of kindness and a reminder of the special bond older adults have with infants. One viewed posted,

"The model of having daycare centers within care homes needs to be more widespread! The bond between babies and older adults is unreal, and the relationship is so mutually beneficial! ❤️ My little one loves her GG's (great grannies.) They take a slower pace to things and seem to have a more mindful relaxed approach to life, something in common with little ones!"

While another commented, "I used to take my son to the nursing home where I worked when he was born. He had his younger years in that home. All the residents were there throughout my pregnancy so I would take him to meet all the residents. Their faces would light up when I took him in. When he was three he would come every Sunday and clean their glasses, walking sticks, and Zimmer frames."

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It's safe to say we all realize just how special these relationships are. And we are all melting over the love the 86-year-old widower shows this precious little babe!

“Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3

WATCH: 86-Year-Old Widower Floyd Lights Up Around Baby

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