Teacher Snaps Photo Of 6-Year-Old’s Act Of Kindness While On A Field Trip To The Zoo

child surprises with unexpected act of kindness

One young child went out of his way during a field trip to the zoo and showed unexpected kindness to two of his classmates.

Parents always hope that their effort, lessons and messages are being received by their children. Often, there is little indication that anything mom or dad imparts to their son or daughter has been learned and understood. But then there are other times, moments when parents know for sure that their child is learning and has been listening to her the entire time. Kaiden Montague's mother experienced one of those moments.

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It happened when 6-year-old Kaiden's class went on a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, according to Fox 29. Kaiden and his fellow classmates were likely excited by the prospect of seeing and visiting with the many animals.

Kaiden said his favorite part of the entire trip was seeing the "red pandas."

But for Kaiden's teacher, it was what Kaiden did while on the trip and not the animals at the zoo that caught her attention.

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During the youngsters' outing to the zoo, the weather didn’t cooperate. It started raining, dampening the trip for the children. However, Kaiden did not let the less-than-ideal weather keep him down. Instead, without any thought, Kaiden showed two female classmates some kindness.

The young man took off his jacket and held it over the top of the two girls. They had crouched down and huddled together in order to keep warm and avoid the rain.

The Child’s Mother was Overwhelmed By Her Son’s Act Of Kindness

Kaiden's teacher photographed the sweet moment and sent it to Kaiden's mother, Kiara Durham. She was blown away by her son's act of kindness.

“It was just overwhelming,” she said.

Kiara also mentioned what Kaiden's teacher told her when she sent the picture.

"So, when his teacher sent me this, she said, ‘You raised a gentleman.' I’m just proud that he’s, you know, been making, like, good decisions without me even, you know, being there,” Kiara said.

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What a kind and chivalrous young man who is a terrific example for everyone on how to treat one another.

"And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God also in Christ forgave you." Ephesians 4:32

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