Child Prodigy David Balogun Amazes All As Youngest High School Graduate At 9 Years Old

David Balogun 9 year old high school graduate

Child prodigy David Balogun amazes all as the youngest high school graduate at nine years old. What an inspiration!

In between karate practice and baseball, David Balogun was doing calculus because he liked it and he was good at it. He is currently one of the youngest children to graduate high school on record. And now he has plans to study the depths of God's universe.

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He said, "I want to be an astrophysicist, and I want to study black holes and supernovas."

When David Balogun learned he could graduate high school early, he said he wanted to do it and use his knowledge for the greater good. "I wanted to do it because I had the abilities to do it, so why not use those abilities for the greater good?" He said.

Youngest High School Graduate

It sounds like David not only has a superpowered brain, but he also has the gift of wisdom. At the end of the day, no matter how special and gifted we are, God wants us to use our gifts to glorify him. It sounds like this sweet, bright kid will do exactly that. His parents, Ronya and Henry Balogun said raising David has had its challenges.

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"I had to get outside of the box," David's mother, Ronya, said. "Playing pillow fights when you're not supposed to, throwing the balls in the house. She shared some of the parenting challenges she's had, "He's a nine-year-old with the brain that has the capacity to understand and comprehend a lot of concepts beyond his years and sometimes beyond my understanding."

In the meantime, David Balogun isn't stopping his education. He's already enrolled in college classes, but he isn't just focused on education. He wants to be an example to his peers. "I want to use this opportunity to show others I'm not the only one who can do this," he said.

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May David continue to be blessed in knowledge and wisdom. No matter what he chooses to study, the Lord is already using his life to glorify God through uses his impressive smarts.

"I said, ‘Let days speak, and many years teach wisdom,'" Job 32:7.

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