Gary Sinise Is Helping First Responders & Their Families During Coronavirus In A Huge Way

actor Gary Sinise

In response to coronavirus, actor Gary Sinise announced that his foundation is taking huge steps in order to help out first responders and their families who are in need. The foundation's plan is called Emergency COVID-19 Combat Service.

"During this public health crisis, Emergency COVID-19 Combat Service will be the gateway for providing grants to first responders in need of personal protective equipment when answering COVID-19 service calls," states the Gary Sinise Foundation on their website. "Financial assistance is also available to service members, veterans, first responders, and their families who have been impacted by the coronavirus."

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While Gary Sinise is staying home like the rest of us right now, he shared a heartfelt video message online. In the video, he also talked about his foundation's new program.

"I just wanted to send my best wishes to everyone. I hope you're safe with your families. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and friends during this terrible crisis. I'm so sorry for your loss," he says.

Actor Gary Sinise Speaks On The Coronavirus Pandemic

Sinise continues by speaking about the myriad of challenges our health care workers are facing because of this pandemic.

"As the coronavirus continues to grip our nation and global community, we face a public health crisis with many cases of COVID-19 being confirmed daily. And no clear timetable of when this disease will be fully contained. The challenges facing our public health workers, our first responders, our military, and the challenges that they and their families are facing are very, very demanding," he says.

He then talks about how non-profits are supporting the people on the frontlines right now. "The Gary Sinise Foundation, for example, set up a brand new campaign called The Emergency COVID-19 Combat Service. And we have many initiatives there to ensure that our first responder departments can carry out their duties with protective gear and special protective equipment to keep them safe and that will help keep their families safe while they are responding to COVID-19 calls in their communities and around the country," Sinise explains. "Rest assured that the Gary Sinise Foundation is not going to let coronavirus slow us down and keep us from achieving our mission."

Looking back at the history of our nation, Gary Sinise shares some encouragement in his video. He reminds us all about how resilient our country is in the face of trouble.

"As a nation, we've faced tremendous challenges before," he says. "We've faced two world wars and natural disasters. We've had attacks on our homeland where the American spirit has just risen up and shown through. And we've come out stronger because of it. While the news of coronavirus is unsettling, we're gonna get through this. We're gonna get through this together as a nation, and we're going to be stronger for it."

Gary Sinise Reminds Us All To Do Our Part

In order for us to get through this together, Sinise encourages others to come together and play their part in keeping everyone safe.

"We all have a part to play, to ensure that our communities, and our neighborhoods, and our people, and our nation are safe," he shares. "I encourage you to follow the guidelines sent down from the public health officials that are trying to help us. Let's help them to help us by staying at home, taking the appropriate precautions to mitigate the exposure to COVID-19. We can all play a part."

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It is so wonderful to see the work that the Gary Sinise Foundation is doing to help the people who are on the frontlines fighting this virus. At the end of his video, Sinise thanks these heroes again and lets them know how appreciative he is of their service.

"I salute you, everyone at the Gary Sinise Foundation salutes you," he says. "And with the help of the American people who support our foundation, together we will continue to back you up as you fight this fight. And we're going to beat it. I have no doubt about that."

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