1 Year After A Shark Bite Took Her Leg, Addison Bethea Bravely Returns To The Ocean

addison bethea shark bite

For Addison Bethea, a shark bite took her leg and put her in the hospital fighting to recover. But this young lady inspired everyone with her incredible outlook and amazing progress. And a year later, she bravely returned to the very beach where the attack happened.

Swimming is an excellent way to escape the heat and humidity that accompanies the summer months. However, like everything else in life, spending time in the water does come with some dangers. Drownings can and do happen. For those who prefer the ocean, shark attacks are also a possibility.

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However, a teenager, Addison Bethea, showed stunning strength and resiliency after she encountered a shark and lost her right leg. She even eventually returned to the exact beach where the devastating incident took place.

Addison Bethea Survives Shark Attack

Back in June 2022, Addison, enjoying the water off the coast of Florida, encountered the ferocious creature, according to the clip posted on YouTube. The shark that bit her, taking her right leg, was 9-feet long.

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Addison Beethea recalls the moments when the shark latched itself onto her leg. She compared her initial reaction to the attack to being in a bad dream.

"My brother was the one who heard me scream," Addison said. "It's almost like when you're in a dream, and you try and scream in a dream, and it feels like nothing's coming out. That's what I felt like in that moment. And so, I belted as loud as I could. And he said it's the loudest scream he's ever heard anyone scream."

Following the shark attack, Addison Bethea spent several weeks in the hospital recovering. During this time, Addison was fitted with a prosthetic leg. The teenager stated that she mastered walking on her new leg in minutes.

Then a year later, after the attack, the young woman returned to the same beach where the attack happened. She refused to let that incident keep her from enjoying the water.

Advice From Inspirational Overcomer

Addison has some advice for people going through dramatic, devastating situations.

"I have talked to a few people recently that have been in tragic accidents, and it's hard for them to, like, keep their mind strong," Addison said. "That's a big, big thing that you have to do when you're recovering because you will have rough days. I'm not saying you will have every day easy."

She added words of wisdom her father shared with her.

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"But you just have to take an account of, like, what my dad used to tell me in the hospital," she said. ‘Today is going to be a good day, even if it's not a perfect day.' Just find one good thing out of your day to keep you going."

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

WATCH: Addison Bethea 1 Year After Shark Bite

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