Woman Awakes Feeling The Need To Search For Missing Toddler & Finds Him On Neighbor’s Porch

woman found a missing toddler with autism in central Florida

One woman in Florida woke up early one morning and began searching for a missing toddler, a 3-year-old with autism, and she made a miraculous discovery.

All parents want nothing more than for their children to be happy, healthy and safe. So, when one of their children goes missing unexpectedly, a parent's worst fears are realized. The worst possible outcomes begin flooding the mind of a mother and a father during these situations. It would be a nightmare for all parents.

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That was the scenario a family vacationing in central Florida faced when Thomas, their 3-year-old child with autism, went missing, according to WFLA. Luckily, one woman, Karyna Minchala, woke up early that morning and began searching for the young man.

The outlet reports that the family noticed the child was missing a little before 3 a.m. The door was wide open, and Thomas was nowhere to be seen. To make matters worse, there was a lake near where the family was staying.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office immediately began searching for the young man. Law enforcement officials looked for young Thomas by ground and air and even brought out the K-9 Units, according to 10 Tampa Bay.

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But then, around 7 a.m., about four hours after Thomas had gone missing, Karyna, who lives in the area, woke up, checked her HOA's website, and noticed an alert about the missing child. She sprang into action, according to WFLA.

Woman Found 3-Year-Old Unharmed And Asleep In Neighbor’s Swing

Karyna first looked for the young man in several places without any luck. But despite the darkness, she found Thomas unharmed. He was asleep in her neighbor's front porch swing, 10 Tampa Bay reports.

"I went over to him," Karyna said. "He was, you know, sleeping, and I woke him up, like, very lightly so he won't get startled. I was like, ‘Baby, baby, wake up.' You know, ‘You want to go see mommy?' And he was like, ‘Mommy!' He was all happy."

The video captured from above shows the emotional moments when Thomas was reunited with his family.

It was an improbable recovery and reunification of a child with his family. Thomas' family must have experienced waves of happiness and relief knowing their son was safe and sound.

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Thomas' father, Renan Santos, described his son’s rescue and recovery as divine intervention.

"It is a miracle," he said. "Yeah, yeah, it is. You know, to stop and think about the life, my family, yeah, we are so happy right now."

"Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed: for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness."Isaiah 41:10

WATCH: Missing 3-Year-Old Found Safe, Unharmed in Neighbor’s Swing

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