4 Children Survived For 40 Days After Plane Crash In Jungle And Their Story Is Incredible

4 children rescued after 40 days in jungle

Four children were rescued following a deadly plane crash in Columbia's Amazon jungle, after spending 40 days in the wilderness.

The Bible is filled with miracles and events that involve divine intervention. The parting of the Red Sea, David killing Goliath, Daniel surviving the lion's den and Jesus feeding the 5,000 are just a few of the many miracles mentioned in God's Word.

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However, while those acts of divine intervention are recorded in the Bible, many people would argue that miracles do not happen anymore. They would say that God does not reach down his hand and intervene today. But the best way to describe what happened in one South American country is to call it a miracle.

On May 1, a single-engine plane was attempting to travel from Araracuara to San José del Guaviare when the aircraft experienced engine failure, according to NPR.

Soon after one of the plane’s pilots reported the problem, the aircraft disappeared from the radar. Onboard the plane at the time were seven people – four children, their mother and two pilots. Two weeks after the plane went missing, authorities finally arrived at the crash site.

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After coming upon the plane's wreckage, the bodies of the three adults, including the children's mother, were found. They had all perished in the crash, NPR reports.

The Four Children Ate Flour, Berries and Hid in Tree Trunks

The children who were on the flight were nowhere to be found. Instead, those assisting in the search-and-rescue efforts did find something else: tiny footprints, according to Today. The markings on the ground, along with partially eaten fruit and other recovered materials made crews believe the children may be alive.

Then on Friday, June 9, after weeks of searching for the four children, ages 13, nine, four and one, crews found the siblings alive, according to the BBC.

The children, especially the 13-year-old, showed ingenuity. Using items from the plane and materials found in the jungle, she kept herself and her siblings alive, Today reports. The children kept themselves alive using three pounds of flour from the plane for food. They also snacked on berries in the jungle.

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The 13-year-old also used baby formula from the plane and water to keep the one-year-old fed.

However, the most ingenious part of their survival is how they protected themselves from the dangerous predators in the jungle. The children took refuge inside tree trunks, shielding themselves from snakes and other creatures.

What an astounding story of survival!

And Jesus, looking at them, said, ‘With men, this is not possible; but with God, all things are possible.'"Matthew 19:26

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