Woman Puts Down Navy Sailor But Others Stand Up For Him

A woman made a nasty comment when a member of the military asked about a military discount at the checkout. But the other customers stood up and did what was right.

There are many sacrifices made by those in the Armed Forces, as well as by their families. Regardless of where you stand politically, the men and women who bravely serve our country are the ones literally putting their lives on the line. All so that we have the very freedom to choose a side and openly express our opinions.

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But unfortunately, these men and women don’t always get the respect they deserve.

Rude Woman Offended By Military Discount

Take, for example, an encounter U.S. Navy Sailor Aaron Lesseski had when he happened to ask the cashier if they offered any discounts to military personnel. Most would consider this a fair question. It’s a way for businesses to show respect and appreciation for those who serve.

But the woman behind Aaron didn’t share in that respect. She complained that those in the military felt “entitled” and expected certain privileges.

Aaron handled the situation perfectly, explaining what a true privilege it is to live in a free country. And then the rest of the customers stepped up, too.

One man paid for Aaron’s bill, stating, “Here’s your military discount.” Another chimed in about how much he deserved to have his meal covered. After all, Aaron and all the others who serve in the military sacrifice daily for the good of their country.

Here’s a copy of Aaron's Facebook post where he shared the heartwarming story of how these customers came to his defense:


Share his story as a message to all anti-military people that we will NEVER stop supporting our troops!



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