Boxer Sees Deadly Threat 10-Year-Old Boy Doesn’t, Then Takes Bite In His Place

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If you’ve ever wondered what loyalty looks like, it has four legs, a tail and gives sloppy kisses. That’s because loyal is the perfect word to describe Nala, a brave dog from California. While out walking with her family, the heroic boxer shielded the humans she loves from a deadly snake, sacrificing her own safety for theirs.

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Credit: GoFundMe (Boxer) / (Snake)

10-year-old Cole Lewis was out for a walk with his mom and furry best friend, Nala. As they strolled through their neighborhood in Lancaster, California, they thought all was well. But Nala sensed danger and immediately jumped in to protect the humans she loves!

Heroic Boxer Shielded Her Family From Danger

While Cole and his mom didn’t see it, a deadly rattlesnake was coiled and ready to strike. But Nala would rather die than let something bad happen to the loving family who adopted her from a rescue shelter. So, she put herself in front of Cole and his mom. The heroic boxer shielded her loved ones from the deadly predator, even though it meant risking her own life.

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The snake lashed out, biting Nala on the nose. But she didn’t budge until the snake slithered away.

"She waited until we were safe. She stood her ground. She didn't like whimper or anything when she got bit," Cole said.

Nala’s family was safe, but now her life was in danger. And Cole’s stepdad, Anthony Borquez, knew they needed to act fast.

"When my son had told me it was light green, I knew that it was a Mojave green (rattlesnake) and they're extremely poisonous, way more so than a Diamondback," he said.

They loaded Nala up into the car and rushed her to the animal hospital.

A Fight For Life

It was a terrifying time for Cole and his family. Nala was in critical condition when they arrived at the vet. They whisked her away so they could treat her with anti-venom to try and get her stabilized.

The vet bill climbed to more than $4,000, but Nala recovered! A GoFundMe page helped the family take care of the medical bills, with any leftover funds going to the shelter that saved Nala.

Soon, their sweet pup was back home where she belonged. Cole was especially glad to have his furry best friend back by his side.

godupdates heroic boxer shielded family from mojave rattlesnake_1

Credit: GoFundMe

"She saved my life, and I just want to hang out with her now because she's my hero," he said.

Nala was glad to be back home, too. This fur-baby has one big heart and just proves what a Godsend our pets are to us.

“I grew up with boxers,” Anthony said. “They’re incredibly protective dogs. That’s why we got the breed. We got her from a rescue. We rescued her and she rescued us.”

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