Rescue Dog Takes Bite After Bite From Deadly Snake To Save Little Girl

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The DaLuca family didn’t know it at the time, but when they took in Haus, they didn’t just save his life. They saved their daughter Molly, too. Just 2 months after bringing Haus home, the rescued German Shepherd shielded the little girl he loves from a deadly rattlesnake. He took so much venom in her place, it’s truly a miracle he’s still alive today!

God Sends A Fur-Angel

Haus was a Godsend to the DaLuca family in Florida in so many ways. Their German Shepherd mix, Bailey, had recently passed away, sending their 9-year-old Golden retriever, Chloe, into a deep depression. But when Haus arrived, Chloe came back around.

Likewise, Molly and Haus became best friends in no time. Whenever Molly was around, Haus was always by her side. In fact, the family says his sweet nature made him a “fan favorite” around the neighborhood.

“[Haus] was meant to be our dog,” Molly’s mom, Donya said.

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But Haus really proved his deep love for this family when the rescued German Shepherd shielded Molly from an attack that most certainly would have been deadly!

Rescued German Shepherd Shielded His Tiny Human

Molly was in the backyard playing, and as usual, Haus was right by her side. Then, suddenly, Molly’s grandma saw Haus jumping forward frantically, snapping his jaws. As it turns out, Haus was lunging at a deadly Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake.

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When the snake made it’s way over to the pair, Haus put himself between Molly and the rattlesnake. After the first bite, many dogs would have fled. But Haus stood his ground.

“He just got struck again and again but like I said he just stayed like an impasse,” Donya said.

Bite after bite, the rescued German Shepherd shielded the tiny human he loved so much.

Furry Hero Fights For Life

Grandma put Molly and Haus into the car and rushed the brave dog to the vet immediately. When Donya got the call from her mom, she could hear Molly crying hysterically in the background.

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It turns out the snake bit Haus 3 times, and he had blood pouring from his leg.

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Donya met them at the emergency animal hospital, where Haus went downhill quickly. Drool poured out of his mouth and he couldn’t pick up his head.

The 3 bites from the rattlesnake pumped so much venom into Haus’ system, veterinarians had to give him a steady drip of antivenom instead of the more typical 1 or 2 doses.

“If it were Molly, who’s smaller, I don’t know that she would have made it,” Donya explained. “He was willing to give his life for our family.”

godupdates rescued german shepherd shielded 7-year-old from rattlesnake bite fb

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For a time, it was unclear whether or not Haus would pull through. Thankfully, though, he did!

In addition to the antivenom, vets also repaired muscle damage to Haus’ leg. The treatments and week-long stay didn’t come cheap. But people from all across the globe rallied behind the furry hero, donating more than $52,000 to cover his medical bills.

Molly’s prayers for her 4-legged best friend were answered, and Haus made a full recovery!

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PETA honored Haus’ brave actions with the “Heroic Dog Award”, sending him a bag full of doggie treats. And the DeLuca family is just glad to have their fur-baby back home where he belongs.

“I’m really grateful that he loves us so much that he would give his life to protect us,” said Donya. “I just feel sometimes there’s no greater love than a dog.”

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