Alan Jackson’s Daughter Joins Her Dad For A Beautiful Duet Of ‘You’ll Always Be My Baby’

alan jackson's daughter ali sings

Alan Jackson’s daughter, Ali, shares the stage with her father as they pull at the heartstrings with this incredible duet of ‘You'll Always Be My Baby.' These words are the perfect reminder that children are a precious gift from God.

“All in love and nearly gone

But you’ll always be my baby, no matter where you are

You’ll always be my baby, forever in my heart"

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Alan Jackson is a country music icon. For decades, he's churned out hit after hit such as ‘Chattahoochee' and ‘Remember When.' From sold-out tours to winning almost every country music award created, Alan is truly a legend in the music industry.

Alan is also the father of three daughters. In fact, all three were featured in his 2002 music video for ‘Drive.'

Alan Jackson’s Daughter Sings With Dad

Today, Alan Jackson’s daughter Ali Jackson Bradshaw is sharing the stage with her famous dad at a concert in Nashville. Alan actually wrote ‘You'll Always Be My Baby' for Ali and it was performed at her wedding.

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Now, these two are bringing the lyrics to life in a whole new way with this beautiful duet.

"So I say a prayer every day

That God will guide you as you find your way

You know that I’m near, anytime my love is always here

‘Cause you’ll always be my baby"

What a special moment between father and daughter and I'm sure this is a performance they won't soon forget.

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Psalm 127:3 "Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward."

WATCH: Alan Jackson’s Daughter Ali Sings ‘You’ll Always Be My Baby’ With Her Dad

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