Sister’s Quick-Thinking Saves 4-Year-Old Brother As Stranger Tries to Walk off with Him in Walmart

attempted kidnapping stopped

At Walmart, an attempted kidnapping was stopped when a quick-thinking sister realized her 4-year-old brother was in danger and jumped into action!

Children are precious gifts from the good Lord. They bless their parent's lives in many ways by adding an infinite amount of joy and happiness. Parents might describe their children as their hearts outside their bodies walking around, interacting with the world.

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The invaluable and priceless nature of children and how much they mean to their parents and siblings makes one little girl's actions that much more heroic. In a clip posted on YouTube, one girl stepped in and prevented the kidnapping of her little brother.

Attempted Kidnapping Of 4-Year-Old Stopped By Sister

The clip shows a man in a Florida Walmart approaching the four-year-old, grabbing his hand. He then attempts to leave the area quickly with the child. Thankfully, the man's sinister attempted kidnapping was stopped. The child's older sister witnessed the man's devious actions and swooped in to save the day.

The video states that after spotting what was taking place, she also reached out to the 4-year-old, grabbed the young man by the arm and pulled him back to safety.

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Authorities were quickly alerted to the situation. They tracked down the suspect and arrested him. He has since been charged with false imprisonment of a child.

Thank God that the 4-year-old's sister was nearby and alert. She prevented what could have been a disastrous, tragic and heartbreaking situation. She is truly a hero, saving her precious little brother from a potentially terrifying situation.

The world is a lost and broken place where heinous and evil things happen daily. But just like that 4-year-old had his older sister looking out for him, we also have someone looking over us. Our Heavenly Father guides, directs and protects us during our every move.

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Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it."

WATCH: Attempted Kidnapping Stopped By Heroic Sister

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