Tiny Girl Goes Viral with Dance Moves but Inspiring Story Keeps People Following Audrey Nethery

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Audrey Nethery became an Internet sensation at age 6 thanks to her amazing Zumba dancing. But it is the inspirational story behind this tiny girl with a big spirit and her battle with a disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) that continues to steal hearts today!

Doctors diagnosed Audrey Nethery at the age of just 2-months old with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). This is a rare blood disorder where the bone marrow fails to produce enough red blood cells.

The severe anemia caused by the disorder can be life-threatening. However, Blackfan anemia life expectancy is fairly favorable, so long as patients receive regular quality medical care.

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For Audrey, who lives in Kentucky, DBA means she must take steroids and receive blood transfusions. And this little warrior faces some other health challenges, too.

Audrey was also born with a hole in her heart and a cleft palate. Her growth rate is compromised, due in part to the steroids she must regularly take. But this inspirational overcomer doesn’t let that hold her back one bit!

God gave this little girl such a big purpose. And just hearing Audrey Nethery at age 7 describe her condition shows what an incredible overcomer she is.

“I don’t make as much blood cells as most people do,” she said. “And it makes me a little bit short, but that doesn’t stop me from moving and acting.”

WATCH: Audrey Nethery Age 7 Talks About Her DBA

Using The Limelight For Good

Audrey’s tiny body is just bursting full of joy. And her incredible passion for dancing and singing ended up launching her into the spotlight, as videos of Audrey Nethery’s Zumba classes and karaoke covers reached viral status.

Audrey has sung and danced with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, appeared on The Rachael Ray Show multiple times, and even has a music video!

But what makes Audrey’s story so inspirational isn’t just the fact that her moves are unbelievably adorable. It’s her positive outlook and how she’s using her unexpected fame to impact others.

It doesn’t matter whether Audrey Nethery is Zumba dancing in class, singing karaoke in her living room, or performing on a big stage for all the world to see. She brings the same positivity and joyous energy every time.

Everything Audrey does she does with an upbeat attitude, as seen in this video when a young Audrey was adorably counting and singing!

WATCH: Audrey Nethery Age 4 Count And Sing

For Audrey and her family, the little girl’s accidental celebrity has always been about two things. One, raising awareness and support for Diamond Blackfan Anemia, and two, spreading joy!

And that’s why Audrey Nethery, at age 11, still has thousands following her story on social media. She uses her Facebook page to campaign for DBA and to continue inspiring others with her encouraging, hopeful spirit.

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This precious child is a beautiful example of the joyful way God wants us to live our lives, despite any setbacks or adversity. May her joy inspire us all to live as described in Romans 12:12 — rejoicing in hope, being patient in tribulation, and continuing steadfastly in prayer.

Here are some more amazing videos of this little cutie to brighten your day!

Audrey Nethery Zumba Dancing To ‘Uptown Funk’

On Stage At The International Zumba Convention

Audrey Nethery On The Rachael Ray Show

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Audrey Netherly Singing For Superheroes Music Video

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