THIS Took Over Her Family’s Life. But What This Mom Had To Say About It NOW–Whoa!

A New Direction

This family is living life like so many of us…busy, busy and full of good times and bad. With a son’s Autism diagnosis, they have adopted an outlook (over time and it wasn’t easy) with grace, honesty, humility and courage. This family’s letter is one of inspiration and encouragement to others who may be facing the same life challenge.

Dear Autism,

You're a big word!

A big word with an even bigger impact.

When you first entered our lives you took over everything. All of us. My son, TJ, obviously, but also his brother, Peter, me and his dad, Sean. You controlled everything. But thankfully, over time and with a lot of research and learning, you're now just another part of our lives. You're no longer all encompassing. You've helped us become a stronger family and better parents. You've brought some wonderful people into our lives. You've helped us to learn not to take anything for granted and that even the smallest of accomplishments is cause for celebration. You've made a lot of things clearer for us. You've helped us separate the things that really matter from the things that simply don't.

We've weeded a lot out of our former lives to make room for you. You're messy sometimes - really messy - but there are lessons for all of us, even during those times. And finally, you've helped us understand both of our boys even better than we would have otherwise.

You've been a troublemaker, autism, but you're also a gift in so many ways. And you're a part of all of us forever. Just a part - you're not everything. But for that part, I want to thank you for bringing out the strength and power in all of us Jordans. We're a mighty force to be reckoned with because of you!

Love, Lauren

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your words of encouragement. We wish you and your family well. And as Romans 8:28 says, “We know that all things work together for good to those that love God.”

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