Folks Have an Unexpected Reaction After Police Officer Stops to Help an Injured Bobcat

bobcat injury florida police officer

A Florida police officer did the incredible when he came across a bobcat injury. While he may not be a horse whisperer or a lion tamer, this officer had just the touch to calm the feline and get it the help it needed!

Approximately 130 miles southeast of Tampa, the Lee County Sheriff's office received a report on January 7 about a bobcat lying in the road. The report came from an area resident who stated that the animal's hind legs appeared to be immobile.

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Sheriff's Deputy Vincent Lopez responded to the call about the bobcat injury. And, wearing heavy gloves and using a blanket, collected the cat, placed it in his patrol car, and transported it to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital.

Deputy Lopez accomplished the task without issue, but that came as a huge surprise to those reading about the rescue on Facebook. The fact that Officer Lopez didn’t end up sustaining any injuries of his own amazed many.

An animal in pain or fear is often dangerous or vicious, but this bobcat appears positively meek in the arms of Vincent Lopez! He looks like a 30-pound pussycat-a house cat instead of a predator!

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Bobcat Injury Gets Unexpected Online Reaction

Even though bobcat attacks on humans aren't common, they have attacked if threatened or infected with rabies. They usually have no interest in connecting with humans.

According to Misfit Animals, "Bobcats are wild predators and actively avoid contact with other species. They can be dangerous to us, even if raised in captivity. Bobcats are shy and elusive. They prefer being alone and avoid humans whenever they can."

Therefore, coming as no surprise, the post about the bobcat injury received 4,300 reactions on Facebook. And many commenters expressed shock that Deputy Lopez was unharmed. After all, the bobcat might have been lame, but it still had teeth and claws!

One commenter wrote, "Nice work. I’m surprised but glad you didn’t get shredded."

Another asked, "How in the world did that bobcat let him get that close?"

Jonathan Motte posted, "He's lucky that he's walking away without a scratched-up face and body, but for that poor baby to be so relaxed like that, he must've been feeling extremely bad!"

Bonnie Covey said, "Amazing that it's not fighting him."

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Maybe it was Deputy Lopez's friendly smile. But it's likely that the creature, in a weakened state, was willing to accept the officer's help. According to the sheriff's office, it is likely a vehicle hit the bobcat near the intersection of Bonita Beach Road and Interstate 75.

After being taken to the Blue Pearl Animal Hospital, the animal was transferred to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) in Lee County and is expected to make a full recovery. It sounds like a win for badge-and-bobcat relations!

"A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare." Proverbs 15:1

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Lee County Sheriff’s Office