Man Goes to Pick up What He Thinks Is a Tangle of Garbage but Then He Realizes It’s Moving

tangled squirrels

A man named Joe uncovered not one, but two tangled squirrels in what he initially thought was just a heap of snagged garbage bags. However, he soon realized things were more serious for one of the ensnared animals. So, Joe and his wife set out to get this little guy the help he so desperately needed!

At times, all human beings require some kindness, grace and help. No one is perfect, and everyone has their flaws. So, helping someone in a bind, even if it is of their own making, can make a world of difference.

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That, as it turns out, is the same for animals. They also need some love and grace from a kind stranger every now and then.

A clip posted on YouTube shows a benevolent and caring man who came across two squirrels in a tangled-up nightmare of a mess. Originally, the man thought it was nothing but "garbage bags." But upon closer inspection, the man discovered two tangled squirrels caught in the moving pile of garbage.

Saving The Tangled Squirrels

After his startling discovery, the man called his wife and informed her of his shocking find. She came home and assisted with the situation, helping to unravel the squirrels' tails from the unwieldy mess. Eventually, the husband and wife successfully untangled the animals and set them free, allowing them to head up a tree.

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Later, they heard a "racket," it was one of the squirrels hanging onto the outside of one of their house's windows. Its tail was badly injured.

"It was almost like he was asking for help," said Joe, the man who found the two tangled squirrels.

So, Joe and his wife, Lindsay, recaptured the injured squirrel and took the little guy to a veterinarian for treatment. Once at the rehabilitation center, the squirrel received the help he needed, and he even bonded with another squirrel who also happened to be at the center.

Eventually, the once-injured squirrel and his new buddy were released back into the wild, where they can resume normal, everyday squirrel activities.

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"It might just be a squirrel to one person, but you're making a world of difference for that one animal," the veterinarian in the clip said.

Proverbs 12:10 "An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of the evildoers are cruel."

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