He Was Wasting Hours in a Casino Playing Poker Until He Discovered His Talents Could Help Kids

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Las Vegas man Robert Crane is now known for providing bikes for kids in need. But that wasn’t always the case. And the story of how God changed this man’s life (and heart) is truly amazing!

Several years ago, Robert Crane spent most of his time gambling.

“I used to sit in the casino and play poker,” he said.

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But all of that changed one day when his daughter and grandson needed help.

“He needed a bike, and my daughter didn’t have the funds herself to buy it,” Robert explained.

Robert had the means to do something his daughter couldn’t. He knew he could fix his grandson’s bike. So, he spent time refurbishing the toy.

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However, once it was ready, his grandson no longer needed it. So Robert turned around and listed the bike on Craigslist. And in that moment, God opened a new door for Robert.

“I put it on Craigslist, had 80 replies in one hour,” he said. “And that’s when the lightbulb went off, kids don’t have bikes and that’s what started Bob’s Bikes.”

Making Bikes For Kids Changes Man’s Heart

Robert started working to give away bikes for kids in need. His efforts took off, eventually becoming ‘Bob’s Bikes for Needy Kids’ — a nonprofit dedicated to renovating bicycles and providing them to underprivileged children without any cost.

Over the next decade, Robert Crane gave away hundreds of bikes to kids from families who couldn’t afford to buy one on their own. And it’s something he does around the holidays year after year.

"For three weeks I've been going crazy," he said this season. "22 bikes on Saturday alone."

Robert explains that there is only one catch to claiming a free bike: "The child has to be here, I want to put that bike in a child's hands."

And that’s because as Robert blesses families with these bikes for kids, the joy of giving blesses him even more. It’s changed the life and heart of a man who used to spend all his time at the casino.

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“I haven’t been in a casino for seven years,” he said. “I never had a machine hug me or say thank you.”

What a testament to the fact that it’s truly better to give than to receive!

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