Child With Special Needs Becomes The ‘Best Part’ Of Sanitation Worker’s Day

child with special needs

One child with special needs befriends a sanitation worker, and their sweet bond is truly heartwarming.

Emma Grace Johnson lives in Alabama, but she spent the first three years of her life at an orphanage in Hungary before she was adopted. And this past year has also been hard on this 5-year-old with special needs. During the pandemic, Emma Grace spent months isolating with her grandfather. The two of them were very close, and unfortunately, he passed away last September.

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“Emma Grace was devastated,” said Laura Johnson, Emma Grace's mother. “Her best friend was gone.”

But soon, Emma Grace was able to find friendship with their neighborhood sanitation worker, Elbert Berry. And she would anxiously await the visit from the garbage truck every Tuesday and Thursday.

One day, Emma Grace wanted to take a picture with Elbert so she could show her classmates her new friend. And on Elbert's birthday, she gave him the picture of the two of them together inside a special card that she made for him.

Child With Special Needs Befriends Sanitation Worker In Alabama

"The baby made me a birthday card, a handmade birthday card," said Elbert. "It said, ‘I love you,' and she stuck the picture inside."

Elbert was so touched, and he wanted to do something special in return for Emma Grace. He decided to buy her a locket that had their photo inside and a sweet message engraved on the back. It says, ‘You are the Best Part of my Day!’

"When he gave her the necklace his face just lit up. He was so proud to give it to her and make her smile," Laura Johnson said. "And it made me think that he was the kind of person who should be celebrated, but probably more important than that, he is the kind of person we should all try to be more like."

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What a sweet story! May we all strive to love our neighbors with the same love that Emma Grace and Elbert show each other.

WATCH: Special Needs Child And Sanitation Work Form Sweet Friendship

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