Christian Girls Miraculously Saved From ISIS After A Text Message

Christian Female Students Texted Priest For Help Escaping ISIS

A surprise attack by Islamic State jihadists left seven girls hiding under their beds, terrified. The Christian female students texted a priest for help, and miraculously survived the harrowing ordeal!

"It's a miracle. A true miracle. We prayed a lot and God answered," said Iraqi Syriac-Catholic priest, Father Ammar.

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Prisoners In Their Own Home

It’s a dangerous time to be a Christian in Iraq. Still, since Kurdish forces have protected the Iraqi city, Kirkuk, for the past two years, Iraqi churches thought the area to be safe. They sent displaced Christian students to the city to study at Kirkuk University, and 50 female students and eight nuns lived there in church-rented houses.

But then, completely unexpectedly, an Islamic State militia bombed and stormed that part of the city.

"Suddenly their street was filled with IS warriors, shouting ‘Allahu akbar' [Allah is the greatest].” recalled Father Ammar.

Most of the students were able to escape. But seven girls weren’t able to get out of their house in time.

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A Plea For Help

The Christian female students texted their church leader, Father Ammar, in a panic.

“We are in danger. Please come for us,” the text read.

The terrified young women huddled beneath their beds, using blankets to conceal themselves. ISIS is known to rape and enslave non-Muslim women, to kill them brutally or to use them as human shields. All those thoughts must have gone through the heads of the seven while they waited in the dark for hours, trying to lay still and not make any sound.

After receiving the girls’ text, Father Ammar set the wheels in motion to save them. People started praying, and the church reached out to the Iraqi and Kurdish forces, asking them to save the girls. As the rescue was planned, Father Ammar stayed in touch with them through texts.

"All this time they were hiding under their beds, undiscovered by IS. At some moment the IS warriors even entered the bedroom, to pray and to care for one of their soldiers who'd got hurt. Luckily the electricity was cut off, so it was dark. Nevertheless it was a miracle the girls weren't discovered," he said.

Finally, Iraqi soldiers liberated the house and took the girls to safety.

"In the end none of the students or nuns were injured. Praise God for that," said Father Ammar.

“The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.” Psalms 34:15

After he tried to kill her, this woman read the Bible to her attacker!

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