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Need some extra motivation to get you moving? These 11 Christian workout songs will have you fired up and ready for whatever comes your way!

Whether your daughter has a soccer game today, and you want to play some fun music for her in the car, or if you just need some clean, energetic hits to get you pumped up while you do housework, these Christian workout songs can do the trick. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord (Psalm 100:1) whilst preparing to give 100 percent in the game.

Upbeat Song: Eye On It by TobyMac

It seems as though TobyMac crafted this song to fit 1 Corinthians 9:24. In this song, he talks about keeping his eye on the prize during the race of his life. The verve of the beat will get you ready to start running. Because we have Christ in us, we will run the race (metaphorically and literally) and we will not quit.

TobyMac – Eye on It (feat. Britt Nicole) Official Music Video from tobymac on GodTube.

Christian Workout Song – Go Hard by Lecrae

Several of Lecrae's songs would serve as great workout songs. However, this song has a special depth. It encourages Christians to let the Lord use them and for them to give 100 percent in everything. We are to do everything as if doing it for Christ (Colossians 3:17), including in our athletic endeavors.

Other great Lecrae workout songs are "Church Clap," "I'm Turnt," and "Hands High."

Workout Song to Get Pumped Up – Good News by Mandisa

Seldom will you find a Mandisa song you cannot workout to. This song declares God's good news that He pulls us out of our sin into His glorious plan for our lives. This serves also as a great reminder about our purpose as Christians. Even though we may enjoy the games we play, we need to remember everything serves as a testimony. Do we exude this good news on the court? Can they see the joy of God inside of us, or do we let our disappointment in our performance cloud our actions?

Mandisa – Good News from mandisa on GodTube.

Upbeat Music for Workout – War Cry by Social Club Misfits

This song encourages Christians to declare God's great news to a world who needs to hear it. This includes those we'll encounter on the athletic field. Perhaps we'll meet someone paralyzed by depression or going through tough times. They need to see through our words and actions the love of Christ.

Social Club Misfits – War Cry from universalmusicgroup on GodTube.

Favorite Christian Workout Songs – Overcomer by Mandisa

Especially when you've lost several games in a row or just need a pick-me-up, you can't go wrong with this song. Mandisa tells you that you're an "overcomer" (John 16:33). Whether we win or lose our competitions, God holds us, even when we hit the ground.

Mandisa – Overcomer (Official Music Video) from mandisa on GodTube.

Other great Mandisa workout titles are "Bleed the Same," "Stronger," and "Comeback Kid."

Upbeat Christian Workout Song – Ignition by TobyMac

With "hope in our hands" we can get pumped for whatever will come our way, even in athletic competitions. This song will pump you up and light a "spark" in you. Play this song on days when you are feeling a little ‘blah’ or don't think you have enough energy to pull off whatever is on your calendar for the day.

The author of this article suggests listening to other TobyMac titles such as "Me Without You," "Steal My Show," and "Get Back Up."

Energizing Christian Workout Song – Hello, My Name is by Matthew West

West starts this song with the voices that fill our head every day. Regret and defeat can try to mar our identity. Often, we have grown used to these voices of doubt and disappointment. Why don’t we have as much energy as we used to? Why can't we run as fast as we could five years ago? West reminds listeners that they do in fact have a name. Not regret or defeat, but Child of the One True King. We can enter the courts and fields with our heads held high, no matter what the outcome.

Matthew West – Hello, My Name Is (Lyrics) from matthew-west on GodTube.

Upbeat Christian Music – Stand Up by Skillet (Veggie Rocks album)

The genius concept of the Veggie Rocks album pairs popular Christian bands with our favorite Veggie Tales songs! (Yes, they’re intended for the kids, but you know you’ve gotten the catchy songs stuck in your head before!) No one would expect the edgy Skillet band to turn out a rocking version of Stand Up, featured in the Rack, Shack, and Benny episode of VeggieTales. But lo and behold, this fun and lively version of this song will energize you even on your most sluggish day!

You may also want to check out some of the other songs on the album such as, "I Love My Lips," "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything," "Promised Land," and "I'm So Blue."

Christian Music to Pump You Up – Alive by Hillsong

This song can pump up any Christian with the words that remind us who lives alive in us. Because we have Jesus inside our hearts, we can embrace our freedom in Him. We'll follow Him onto the field, in the locker room, and wherever else He will lead us in His grace.

h/t: YouTube

Inspiring Christian Workout Song – Awake and Alive by Skillet

Skillet can be a little intense for some Christians. But if you enjoy intense vocals and pounding drums, songs like Awake and Alive can serve as excellent workout pump-up songs. Some other ones you may like are "The Resistance," "Not Going to Die," and "Hero."

Christian Workout Song – #LITO by Press Play

This song could not only serve as a great pump-up rhythm, but it can also accompany you on a brisk neighborhood walk in the evening (or while you’re cleaning out the garage!) The lyrics encourage you to love out loud.

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