Incredible Cloud Formation In Ohio Goes Viral Because It Looks Just Like A Tsunami

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You have to check out the footage of this amazing cloud formation! The video went viral online after people thought it looked like a tsunami.

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“I was under the impression it was a tsunami, I’ve never seen clouds like this before,” reads the caption of the video.

“I saw clouds like this once, while driving. Came around a bend and slammed on my brakes (like everyone else) because it legitimately looked like a huge wave was about to crash down on us," another person commented online. "It was incredible. Really beautiful after I understood I wasn't about to die.”

This phenomenon is called a roll cloud, which is a low, horizontal, tube-shaped, and relatively rare type of arcus cloud. They usually appear to be "rolling" on a horizontal axis. Seeing one of these clouds in person would be fascinating. And it is easy to see why people would think it was a wave for a split-second after seeing how the cloud appears in this video.

Cloud Formation In Ohio Looks Just Like An Impending Tsunami

Roll clouds tend to form when warm, moist air is lifted by rain-cooled air moving underneath it. And when the warm, moist air is lifted it condenses and forms the cloud.

The mesmerizing footage of this roll cloud was taken in a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“What is it?” a young child asks his mother repeatedly in the video. “Woah, look at that,” says another little girl.

The sight is definitely a feast for the eyes and left the neighbors in awe as they were viewing in. And to see those strange clouds looming over the houses in the neighborhood must have been a surprising sight to see in the sky.

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God's creation is just magical and wonderful to witness, isn't it?

WATCH: Clouds Look Like A Tsunami

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