Wife’s Photo Of Husband Sewing Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

husband sewing jill duchman

Jill Duchman snapped a photo of her husband sewing their son’s beloved “woobie”. And in no time, the touching picture of the devoted dad’s act of kindness went viral!

Most children become attached to a “comfort” object as they grow. And it was no different for Jill and Christopher Duchman and their 4-year-old son.

These transitional objects (as the experts call them) provide kids with a sense of security as their independence increases.

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For some, it’s a stuffed animal or a baby blanket. For Jill Duchman’s 4-year-old son, it was a fleece robe she used to wear when he was a baby.

These treasured items often have their own nickname, too. Jill’s son called the fleece robe his “woobie”. And seeing her husband sewing this treasured item back together speaks volumes about the type of dad he is!

Photo Of Husband Sewing Goes Viral

Jill’s 4-year-old son loves his “woobie” deeply. In fact, he can’t relax or sleep without it. But over time, the fleece robe started falling apart. That’s when Jill’s husband, Christopher, stepped in.

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The Marine Corps veteran noticed the robe needed some fixing. And Jill walked in to find an utterly heartwarming scene.

“This is my husband hand sewing for our son at 9 p.m.,” she wrote on social media.

The sweet picture shows this loving father will go to any lengths for his children. And it basically sums up the qualities of a real man.

“Men think women want a man with lots of money, a perfect physique, and expensive cars,” Jill explained online. “But really, we all just want a guy who would sew a ‘Woobie.' for his son.”

The touching scene went viral in no time and started making its rounds on social media. And for good reason.

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Jesus taught us about the beauty that comes from humbly serving others. And that’s what makes this photo so powerful!

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