Couple in Their 70s Couldn’t Even Walk (Then Divine Intervention Changed It All)

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Becky and Donnie Hensley used to be so overweight they could barely walk. But then God spoke to Becky. She knew it was time to make some serious changes. And after the divine intervention, the couple in their 70s have lost nearly 400 pounds together!

Southerners know everything’s better with butter. And salt. And well, just about everything they tell you to avoid these days! 😉

But for Becky and Donnie Hensley of Weaverville, North Carolina, a good old-fashioned Southern diet eventually caught up with them.

Real-Life Inspirational Story Of Change

Several years ago, the couple weighed about 370 pounds a piece! And the excess pounds took their toll. Becky could barely even walk.

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She knew she needed help, so she turned to God in prayer. And He called Becky and Donnie to be more than just partners in life. He wanted them to work together to make sure it was a healthy life, too!

“I was praying, and the Lord spoke to me, and said, ‘Go find Donnie, and ask him to go to Weight Watchers with you,'” Becky said.

And so, she obeyed. And now, seven years later, the couple in their 70s have lost nearly 400 pounds together!

Couple In Their 70s Have Lost Nearly 400 Pounds

The husband and wife became fitness buddies. Together, they dieted, hit the gym, and encouraged one another to make healthy decisions. And it worked!

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Credit: ABC 13 News

Donnie lost 165 pounds and Becky lost 208 pounds. The two are much healthier now and enjoy the ability to do simple things they couldn’t before — like walking or tying their shoes.

“I still say scriptures when I’m walking,” Becky said. “I am so thankful to be able to walk.”

Working together certainly paid off. But the couple also knows God blessed their weight loss journey. They are hopeful their real-life inspirational story will encourage others to commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

“Patience and persistence will pay off,” Becky says. “Nobody is perfect, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we go to parties, and we may eat too much, we may eat things we shouldn’t eat. Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt you.”

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Becky and Donnie continue to go to the gym, as well as to Weight Watchers. Now their goal is to maintain the weight loss. And, of course, to enjoy the blessing of their improved way of life!

“My husband and I have a much better lifestyle now,” Becky says. “We have fun with different recipes. Also, more fun smooching.”

WATCH: Couple In Their 70s Have Lost Nearly 400 Pounds

Nothing is too big or too small for our God. Come to Him with all your needs and He will provide!

“And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.” 1 John 5:14

h/t: ABC 13 News

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