Dad Killed At Highland Park Parade Used His Body As A Shield To Protect His 2-Year-Old Son

dad killed shielding son highland park parade 4th july

Kevin McCarthy, a dad killed at the Highland Park Parade on the 4th of July, made the ultimate sacrifice to save his 2-year-old son. When shots rang out at the event, Kevin used his own body to shield his child from the gunfire.

A parade at Highland Park, Ohio, intended to celebrate America’s birthday quickly transformed into a place of terror when a gunman began firing into the crowd from the roof of a nearby business. Of the seven people who lost their lives that day, two of them were husband and wife, Irina and Kevin McCarthy.

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Like so many that day, Irina and Kevin attended the parade as a family. They had their 2-year-old son, Aiden McCarthy, in tow with them, along with Kevin’s mother, Margo McCarthy. And sadly, the Highland Park parade 4th of July celebration turned tragic.

Dad Killed Shielding His 2-Year-Old Son

There was little time to react once the gunfire began. But Kevin McCarthy did what every parent would want to do in this type of situation. He spent his final moments protecting his 2-year-old son, Aiden.

The dad was killed shielding his child from the shots reigning down around them. Aiden started out in his grandmother’s arms. But when a bullet her hit in the neck and ear, the 2-year-old ended up shielded by his father.

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“He had Aiden under his body when he was shot,” explained Michael Levberg, Kevin McCarthy’s father-in-law.

“I'm sure it was God looking out for him. The Lord saved Aiden and saved Margo,” Margo’s cousin, Montgomery Kersten said.

Shots fired hit Kevin and his wife, Irina, too. And while Margo survived her injuries, Aiden’s parents did not. Police later found the little boy wandering around in the aftermath of the massacre all alone. And the boy’s tragic story has touched hearts all over.

Support For 2-Year-Old Orphan Whose Dad Was Killed Shielding Him

In just a little over a day, an online fundraiser created for the orphaned boy garnered nearly $3 million in donations. And though money won’t bring Aiden’s parents back, he and his loved ones are experiencing the love of Christ through the outpouring of support.

"The North Shore community rallied to help a boy who we knew nothing about," wrote Irina Colon, the organizer of the fundraiser and one of the heroes who cared for Aiden during the tragedy. "We took him to safety under tragic circumstances, came together to locate his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family."

In the face of senseless tragedies like these, it’s easy to feel like evil has won. But we see the love and support pushing back against the darkness. It reminds us that no matter how bad things seem, God alone will have the victory.

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Please keep Aiden McCarthy, his family, and all those who were impacted by the Highland Park parade 4th of July massacre in your prayers.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness hasn't overcome it." John 1:5

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