Police Allegedly Visited A Boy’s Home Because Of Bible Verses In His Lunch

Controversy Over Daily Bible Verse In Lunch Box

Like many moms, when Christina Zavala packed her 7-year-old son a lunch for school, she like to include a handwritten note. But this Christian mom also included a daily bible verse. But what happened once the California elementary school found out has sparked a full-blown controversy!

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Christina’s son loved finding and reading the bible verse each day. Before long, his friends were asking him to read the verse aloud to them as well. So, Christina started making copies of the daily bible verse for her son to share with his friends, and included a brief explanation on the meaning and context behind each day’s scripture.

But according to Liberty Counsel, who is speaking out on behalf of the Zavala family, once a teacher found out what was going on, he was ordered to stop.

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Christina was told that because of separation of church and state, her son could not hand out Bible verses at lunch — that it could only be done after the school day was over, at the gate of the school.

Christina was frustrated. But the family obeyed the school’s direction and began handing out the daily Bible verse at the gate once the school day was over. Up to 15 classmates were showing up to claim one of the after-school Bible notes!

But then, the school complained again.

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This time, Liberty Counsel says the school’s principal approached Christina’s husband at the gate, insisting he and his son move to a public sidewalk far from the school’s entrance to hand out the daily Bible verse. Again, the family obeyed the school’s demands.

And it’s what allegedly happened next that has caused a huge controversy.

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Later that same day, a police officer showed up at the 7-year-old boy’s house, allegedly sent by the school to request that the distribution of the Bible verses stop. It was described as a “friendly warning,” but Liberty Counsel is stepping in to insist that the school "correct an outrageous violation" of the "first grader's constitutional rights."

The school district’s superintendent has expressed concern over the issue, and says he’s ordered a “speedy investigation” on the matter. Thus far, he’s confirmed that “a member of the Sheriff's department visited the home," but is unclear on the exact nature of the visit.

We’ll certainly be praying over the resolution to this issue. We’re so inspired by the courage this 7-year-old boy and his family has shown in defending their faith!

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

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