Men Leaving for Work Find A Missing Baby on the Porch

Missing Baby Miraculously Found Safe

Gary decided to pick up his friend, Ray, early for work. The two men were shocked by what was waiting on Ray’s porch — a missing baby!

At first, Gary Zielinski couldn’t explain that “something” that was pushing him to get up early for work. But thankfully, he listened. And afterwards, he realized that “something” was the Good Lord himself. And because Gary listened, a missing baby was found safe and sound!

Gary works as a contractor in Detroit, along with his buddy, Ray Harper. Ray lives just a few doors down, so once Gary’s up and ready, he usually walks over to Ray’s house so the two can head out to work together.

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Credit: Katrease Stafford, Detroit Free Press

But one chilly Monday morning, Gary was up earlier than usual. He couldn’t explain why, but he just felt something telling him to hurry up and head over to Ray’s house despite the fact that it was still so early.

So, he did. And to his complete shock, there was a sleeping baby girl, still strapped into her car seat, asleep on Ray’s porch!

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Credit: Fox 2 Detroit

“The Lord was on my side,” Gary explains. “Because I usually don’t go down there that early and wake up Ray. Something told me to get up and go that way.”

Gary started knocking furiously, yelling to Ray that there was a baby on the porch. At first, Ray thought his friend was making some kind of bizarre joke. But when he opened the door and saw the sleeping infant — who turned out to be missing 3-month-old Dakota Grimes — he was just as shocked as his friend!

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Credit: Detroit Police Department

It was 7:15am and 39 degrees when Gary spotted the missing baby on Ray’s porch, wrapped in a pink blanket, wearing a coat and sucking on a pacifier. And finding her when and where they did is nothing short of divine intervention!

“We don’t know how long that baby was sitting on that porch and there’s two vacant houses on either side of us and they could have stuck that baby in one of the houses and we would have never found her,” Gary says.

The surprised men immediately took the little girl inside. Ray started making calls to see if this was some type of prank, while Gary tried to warm the infant up. That was when an Amber Alert flashed across the TV, reporting that police were searching for a 3-month-old girl who’d disappeared during a carjacking.

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The men immediately called 911, and police soon arrived to confirm that the child the two friends had found was indeed the missing baby, Dakota Grimes.

Dakota’s father had made the grave error of leaving the little girl inside his running vehicle, and carjackers had taken off with the vehicle while the child was still inside. It’s a terrifying scenario that is sadly more common than you’d expect, occurring an average of 50 times a year nationwide according to statistics from the non-profit organization

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Credit: WDIV

Little Dakota was taken to the hospital as a safety precaution, but is doing just fine. And Gary is just thankful he heeded the call of God and that the missing baby was found safe and sound.

“God was on my side this morning and he woke my butt up,” he said. “It was a miracle we saved that child. It was a miracle we saved her.”

Our God works in mysterious ways, and those unexpected urges we get but can’t explain quite often have a very special purpose!

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“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25


h/t: Detroit Free Press