Dog Born With No Eyes Gets Dumped At Shelter But Inspires All With Her Sunny Disposition

dog born with no eyes

Would you adopt a dog born with no eyes or abandon it? A dog born with no eyes gets dumped at an animal shelter but inspires everyone with her sunny disposition.

We've all heard the phrase, "adopt don't shop," and it clearly applies to Teacup's situation. Because the public adores tiny dogs, it perpetuates the cruel breeding that goes on in this world.

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Teacup is a dog who was born with no eyes. She was born blind because her previous owners purposely bred her parents merely to get a "toy" dog size. A surgery coordinator on Teacup's case explains the reason why this type of breeding is so cruel:

"What they do is take runts, a.k.a. the smallest ones, from previous litters and breed them together to create an even smaller ‘Teacup’ or ‘Toy’ size. Sadly, money is all that matters to so many of these breeders and not the health, temperament, and overall integrity of the bloodline.”

But the dog born with no eyes had even more problems. Teacup was born with a host of issues that nearly caused her death.

Dog Born With No Eyes fights To Survive

When she was born, Teacup’s bladder adhered to her internal organs, and she had no suckle reflex.

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Because of her tiny size, she also has trouble keeping herself warm and the fur around her tear ducts must be kept short to prevent infection.

Her owners surrendered her to a rescue shelter at four weeks old because she wasn't getting enough food. Despite the odds stacked against her, this tiny eight-pound dog has a personality larger than life. In fact, the dog born with no eyes doesn't mind being blind because it's all she's ever known. If she bumps into something, she shakes it off and keeps on trucking.

Teacup's favorite game is hide-and-seek. She plays the game with her foster humans while being on a long leash. Watch out when she finds you because she celebrates big with her lopsided grin and loving personality.

We know Teacup will find the perfect forever home that will take the time and put extra practices in place like a solid fence to help Teacup thrive. Thank goodness for shelters like Fluffy Dog Rescue who help educate the public and find saving loving homes for special dogs like Teacup.

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