Dog Senses Danger And Frantically Scratches Door Until Teen Opens It To Find Grandma On The Floor

dog senses danger

A teenager's dog senses danger and quickly acts to help save the life of a grandmother who had collapsed on the kitchen floor.

Elise Kilmer credits Saige, her labradoodle puppy, for helping save her grandma's life. On the day of the incident, Elise was in her bedroom with Saige. Suddenly, the dog started scratching at the door and barking frantically. Elise got up, let Saige out of the room, and followed her down to the kitchen. That's when she saw that her elderly grandma, who lives with dementia, was in need of some serious medical attention.

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"[Saige's response] was really great because I don't know when I would've come out of my room and if it would've been too late by then," the 17-year-old says. "Saige definitely helped me get down there on time."

That's when Elise jumped into action. The teen administered CPR to her grandma, a skill that she learned while working as a lifeguard at the local YMCA, until the first responders arrived at her home.

Teen Saves Grandmother With The Help Of Her Dog

"I was shocked at first, so I ran over to her and picked her up and laid her down on the floor because she was unconscious and then grabbed the phone and called," Elise said. She also noted that her grandmother, in addition to being unconscious, was choking as well when she found her.

Once the medics arrived, Elise's grandmother was transferred to a hospital, where she remained for two days. Thankfully, because of Elise and Saige's actions, her grandmother has since recovered. But Elise knows that she has her dog to thank for clueing her in on the situation that had occurred outside her bedroom.

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"I'm not sure if she heard my grandma fall out of the chair or something, but she definitely knew. They hear things we don't hear," Elise said. "I guess if no one was home it would have been a completely different outcome. I feel really proud I was able to help my grandma in that way."

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