Woman Walks Into Bathroom & Is Shocked to Find a Stranger’s Dog with Its Head Stuck in the Floor

woman finds dog with head peeking through her floor

A strange sound startled a woman awake one morning. When she found the source of the noise, she saw an odd and unusual sight: a dog peeking its head through the floor.

Dogs are some of the most loyal and loving animals one will ever encounter. No matter the type of day someone has had – good, bad or indifferent – dogs will be near the front door, waiting patiently for their owner to arrive home. Dogs will do just about anything for a little bit of attention, kindness and love. Apparently, the loyal creatures will even go through floors.

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In a video posted on TikTok, Bret Kyndal was awakened early one morning by a strange noise from her unfinished bathroom, which was being worked on. The noise caused her great alarm, forcing her to investigate.

Bret, in the video, states that she is "so shook." She walks around the room, trying to figure out what could have caused the noise. About 12 seconds into the video, Bret reaches the room and flips on the light.

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On the floor are tools and fixtures – all things one would expect to see in such a room. Then Bret quickly turns the camera. Viewers see one very unexpected thing that does not belong: a dog peeking its head through the floor!

"This is not my dog. Who are you, and how did you get there, sweet baby?" Bret asks the misplaced canine.

The Woman Explains How The Dog Got Its Face Stuck In Her Bathroom Floor

In a follow-up video, with the animal now freed, Bret explains that the dog had gotten into her and her husband's house's crawl space. Then, when it saw the hole in the floor, stuck its head in the space. Snared by its collar, the dog became stuck.

Bret, in yet another update video about the dog, mentioned that its name is Lulu and that she enjoys cheese. Bret returned Lulu to its owner, according to House Beautiful.

"I can confirm, it is 100 percent her owner," Bret states. "Whenever he pulled in and opened the truck door, she just, like, jumped on in there."

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