Stray Puppy Was Shivering Until Kind Dog Gave Up Its Own Blanket

kind dog shares blanket with stray

When a stray puppy was shivering in the streets of Brazil, one kind dog gave up her own blanket to help keep him warm. That dog's name is Lana and this heartwarming short story shows just how much of a good Samaritan she is!

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Even though Lana finds comfort in her loving home now, it didn't always use to be like that. She knows what it's like to be cold and hungry, living out on the streets and exposed to the elements. But fortunately, Lana was part of a litter that was rescued from the streets months ago. Her new owner, Suelen Schaumloeffel, was more than happy to give her a forever home.

Kind Dog Shares Her Blanket With A Stray Dog In Need

One night, Suelen brought Lana a cozy blanket to snuggle up with in her doghouse. But Lana knew she couldn't keep all the warmth to herself. When she spotted another dog outside her owner's fence, she dragged her large blanket over to share with that pup in need. She wanted to make sure that the other dog could have some shelter and warmth, too. What a caring animal, Lana is!

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The compassion that Lana had for a dog in need is a great reminder for us to look out for those around us. You never know when someone could use your helping hand. When you use what you have to be a blessing to others, you are being the hands and feet of Jesus. And this world could definitely benefit from us sharing Christ's love with those in our lives!

WATCH: Puppy Shares Her Blanket With A Cold, Stray Dog

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