New Twist On The Classic Dolly Parton Song ‘9 to 5’ Gets Updated To ‘5 to 9’

Dolly Parton song 9 to 5 gets update

Here’s a fun, new take on the classic Dolly Parton song ‘9 to 5’. This ‘5 to 9’ version focuses instead on the time when folks are pursuing their passions outside of the traditional office setting.

The company Squarespace modernized the classic Dolly Parton song ‘9 to 5’ for a commercial.

"Working 5 to 9, making something of your own now

And it feels so fine to build a business from your know-how

Gonna move ahead, and there's nothing that you can't do

When you listen to that little voice inside you"

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Squarespace is a website-building platform. And here is what the company has to say about Dolly's new song on their YouTube page:

"The full length ‘5 to 9' music video flips Dolly Parton's iconic song ‘9 to 5' and celebrates those working to turn a side project into a dream career. Make your 5 to 9 full time at"

Dolly Parton On New Version Of ‘9 To 5’

Squarespace also interviewed Dolly Parton about her new take on the song. They told her how her song ‘9 to 5' has become an anthem for working people and asked her how she feels about reinventing it for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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"It feels good to reinvent my 9 to 5 anthem for a new generation of entrepreneurs. I'm proud to be of service and to be an inspiration," Dolly shares. "It's very important to pass the baton to the next generation. I can't always be in the spotlight and I don't want to be. I take pride in being able to share my knowledge and my success with the new dreamers of the world."

Dolly also has some wise words of advice for the dreamers that are closer to her in age.

"My advice to entrepreneurs of my generation is it's never too late. I just turned 75 and I'm doing more than I ever did," Dolly says. "I have new dreams every day and I'll never believe that we can't reinvent ourselves at any age."

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We hope that you enjoyed this fun, new music video of a Dolly Parton song that celebrates hard work, creativity, and following your dreams!

WATCH: Dolly Parton Song ‘9 To 5’ Updated To ‘5 To 9’

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