Elderly Lady Stuck At ER With No Way Home, Then Military Man Steps In

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While sitting in the ER waiting room with her husband, Kentucky woman Ashley Cherry overheard a conversation revealing an elderly lady was stuck at the hospital with no way home. Ashley couldn’t believe that no one seemed to care. But then a Good Samaritan stepped in, reminding Ashley there are still good people in this world!

Elderly Lady Was Stuck At The Hospital

As Ashley and her husband waited, nurses brought an elderly woman out in a wheelchair. Her medical care was complete and it was time for her to go home. But then Ashley overheard the woman telling the receptionist something heartbreaking.

The elderly lady revealed she had no family and no transportation back home. To make matters worse, most of the hospital staff seemed completely unconcerned. And that’s when a stranger got involved!

A man named Jeffrey also overheard that the elderly lady was stuck at the hospital. He approached the woman and told her he’d be more than happy to give her a lift.

“This man not knowing her or having a clue where she lived volunteered his time to care of this lovely woman,” Ashley said. “She offered to pay but he kindly declined like any good man would.”

Ashley helped wheel the elderly lady out to the curb while the kind man went to get his truck. She chatted with the Jeffrey’s wife, learning he serves as soldier at Fort Campbell, a nearby Army base. This left Ashely in awe.

“Not only does this man serve our great country, he serves his great little community,” she said.

Kindness Goes Viral

Once they loaded the elderly lady up into the truck, Ashley watched Jeffrey drive away, thinking to herself:

“We have to care for our elders like this nice man.”

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The experience truly humbled Ashley, reminding her there are still great people in this world. It’s a reminder we could all use. So, Ashley decided to share Jeffrey’s act of kindness on Facebook.

“I just wanted to give a little recognition and respect to this man,” she wrote. “Jeffery, if you see this, just know your deeds are recognized and appreciated by your community. Thank you Sir for serving our country and our community.”

You never know when God will put you in someone’s path so you can help out. Thank you Jeffrey for answering the call!

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