Farmer Derek Uses His Musical Talents To Bring In The Cows

farmer derek

With a trombone and piano, Farmer Derek and his mother use their musical talents to bring in their cows from the field. What a fun sight to see!

There is no doubt that animals are truly a gift from God. These amazing creatures come in all shapes and size and they all serve a purpose.

For instance, the cows in the pasture can be used as nourishment for our bodies. But they can also provide us with some much-needed smiles when they do something out of the ordinary, like today.

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Just watch as this farmer and his mother sit down beside the cow pasture and start to play the piano and trombone. It is obvious that this duo is talented and the cows are ready to get a closer look.

Within seconds, they all come running up the hill to get a closer look at the musicians behind the upbeat melody. This impromptu serenade seems to really capture the attention of the cows and they form a herd around Derek and his mom.

Farmer Derek Bringing In The Cows With A Trombone And Piano

At one point, they even start to ‘moo' along with the music. Music is another gift from God and it has a special way of bringing everyone together. And, believe it or not, some studies have shown that music can help the milk production in cows so this cute concert just got even better.

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Happy cows and happy farmers, I think that makes for an incredible combination. I am so glad that they were able to capture this entire concert on camera. Have you ever seen anything like this in real life before?

WATCH: Farmer Derek Bringing In The Cows With Trombone And Piano

h/t: Godtube