FedEx Worker Sanitized Packages Before Delivering To Home Of Immunocompromised Girl

sanitized packages

In South Florida, one FedEx worker went above and beyond when he learned the story about who was living in one of the homes on his route. FedEx worker, Justin, sanitized packages before delivering to the home of an immunocompromised girl.

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As a FedEx delivery man, Justin is used to dropping off packages on front porches and continuing on his route. But one day he saw something on the door that made him go the extra mile. He read a sign warning that there are immunocompromised people living inside. Normally, when Justin drives around delivering packages, all he knows about the recipient is their name and an address. But after he approached Carrie Blasi's home, he now knew more.

Inside, Carrie was sheltering in place with her 11-year old daughter, Emma, who has Type 1 Diabetes. There was a sign on the door for people like Justin to be cautious of this for Emma's safety. The caring mother's efforts were not wasted. At that moment, realizing that Emma was at greater risk from the virus, Justin made the best decision possible. He delivered the packages only after cleaning them.

Sanitized Packages Were Dropped Off At Immunocompromised Home

FedEx workers have a number of shipments to make on a daily basis. Any change in routine can potentially disrupt their busy workflow and cause delays. Still, Justin made sure he took the extra time to protect Emma from any possible contamination.

Security footage from the home caught Justin sanitizing the cardboard packages before depositing the load on Carrie's doorstep. Carrie felt so touched and blessed by his act of kindness. So, she took to social media to let everyone know what Justin did!

Carrie caught up with Justin later in a Zoom meeting to thank him for his act of kindness. "We thank you so much for doing something you weren't even asked to do," she said.

Justin's actions serve to inspire Carrie and her daughter, Emma, reminding them of the sincerity that can come from strangers we've never met. And Justin's kindness serves as a reminder that everyone can do something to be supportive during the pandemic, in even the smallest way.

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While not everyone is dealing with immunocompromised health, there are people in need of things like food, protective gear, or even a reassuring phone call. If we all play a small part, we can manage big results as a community and work to keep each other healthy, happy, and close to God.

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