Formerly Tone-Deaf Singer Uses Audition To Praise God For His Gift

formerly tone-deaf singer vonnie lopez testimony

All Vonnie Lopez ever wanted to do was sing. The problem was that she was born completely tone deaf. So she asked God for a miracle. And now, the formerly tone-deaf singer is using her voice to worship on the big stage!

Formerly tone-deaf singer Vonnie Lopez is living out her dream on a new TV show, The World’s Best. This show is a brand new talent kind of talent competition featuring contestants from all around the world in all different kinds of genres.

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The way it works is that each act auditions for a panel of judges and a “wall” made up of 50 experts from all different areas of entertainment. The contestants who score a 75 or higher move on to the next round.

This unique show brings all kinds of different talent to the stage. Vonnie Lopez is one of the acts who moved the crowd with her Christian performance. But hearing the story behind her appearance on The World’s Best is truly incredible!

Vonnie Lopez’s Testimony: From Tone Deaf To Perfect Pitch

Vonnie Lopez grew up in Louisiana as the daughter of a preacher. The entire family had a talent for music. But somehow, it seemed as though Vonnie had missed out on that gift.

Vonnie shared her story with CBS Local of what it was like being tone deaf in a family of musicians. She loved music and wanted so badly to join in with her talented family. Feeling left out, she turned to her Heavenly Father for help.

"I just started praying, every single day I would pray to God to be able to sing with my family," Vonnie recalled.

God answered Vonnie’s prayers when she was 14 years old. The youth Pastor invited Vonnie to sing at church. And amazingly, she belted out a song at the youth service in perfect pitch.

Singer Honors God With Her Gift

Vonnie and her whole family knew God had performed a miraculous healing. And since then, every time Vonnie sings, she gives all the glory to God.

“My prayers had been answered and that was it for me,” she said. “That was where it all started and I haven't stopped singing since. I don't care if there's 30 people or 100,000 people – I love it. I know that it's a gift, I didn't get it naturally and so it means that much more to me.”

So, when Vonnie Lopez graced the stage of The World’s Best, the formerly tone-deaf singer used her audition time to praise God in an incredible performance of Andrae Couch's "My Tribute (To God Be The Glory)." And her divine gift touched each one of the judges.

“We’re in church right now,” Faith Hill said with tears in her eyes. “This is what it feels like to have the Holy Spirit in the place.”

What a beautiful reminder of how God can use every one of our struggles for something greater! I certainly can’t wait to see what Vonnie Lopez performs next.

WATCH: Formerly Tone-Deaf Singer Vonnie Lopez Audition


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