Dying Woman Says Emotional Goodbye To Horse And Then Passes Away

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Before going home to be with the Lord, Alison Shipley wanted to say goodbye to her horse and dogs. And her caring hospice nurses helped grant the dying woman’s last wish just in time!

After the heartbreaking diagnosis of terminal advanced aggressive ovarian cancer, Alison Shipley of the UK spent her final days in the care of St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice. It meant leaving behind her horse and dogs.

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Being away from her beloved pets was hard for Alison. Thankfully, she was surrounded by special angels willing to do whatever it took to give the dying woman a chance to say farewell!

Hospice Nurses

One of Alison’s nurse, Annie Penrice, had spent years working on a ranch in Texas. She knew firsthand how deep the bond between a person and their “fur-babies” could go.

Annie and the other nurses knew how badly Alison wanted to say goodbye to her horse and dogs. And so, they did something amazing!

“The nurses at St Barnabas got to know her [Alison] and understood how important her animals were to her,” close friend, Claire Shephard, explained. “They arranged for Alison to see her horse and dogs one last time.”

With Alison’s condition, this was no easy task. But the kind nurses were dedicated to granting the dying woman’s last wish!

“At this stage, Alison was very poorly,” Claire explained. “But she was so strongly driven towards seeing her animals that she made it happen.”

These kinds of “last wish” efforts show just what loving people these nurses are. Even in our darkest times, God’s love shines through the kindness of others. And the reunion meant the world to Alison Shipley!

A Final Goodbye To Horse And Dogs

The moment Alison saw her animals for the last time touched everyone involved.

“Alison absolutely lit up when she saw her horse,” Annie recalled. “As soon as the horse recognised her, it dropped its head and started nuzzling her. It was a very inspiring but emotional visit for us all.”

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Alison passed away several days after the visit. But thanks to her caring nurses, she had the opportunity to say goodbye to the animals who meant so much to her.

“The trip really meant the world to Alison and her close family and friends,” Claire said. “It was emotional, but it gave her one last chance to cuddle and love her horse and dogs one last time.”

Alison’s friends are continuing to honor her memory by taking part in a Moonlight Walk fundraiser for St Barnabas. In fact, Claire even plans on bringing one of Alison’s dogs along, too.

“We want to give a little something back to the Hospice who did so much for us,” she said.

Caring for someone in the final stages of their life isn’t easy. It takes someone with a compassionate heart. And these nurses truly showed the love of Jesus to Alison Shipley when she needed it most.

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What a blessing our fur-babies are to us. We’re so glad these nurses understood this incredible bond and used it to brighten a dying woman’s final days!

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Featured Image: St. Barnabas Hospice