72-Year-Old Grandma on the Drums Rocks Out on the Jennifer Hudson Show and Steals the Show

grandma on the drums Dorothea Taylor

A 72-year-old grandma on the drums stunned everyone with her rocking performance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Go, Granny, go!

Musicians are a special group of people who have been blessed with the God-given gift for creating beautiful music. Now, those who have been equipped with musical skills may find they have a natural aptitude for one instrument over another. One person might find themselves drawn to the guitar, violin, or cello, while another individual may prefer the trumpet, harmonica, or trombone.

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Some may discover that they aren’t meant to play an instrument at all. Instead, they may be a terrific singer or have the ability to easily craft and write songs. Whatever the case may be, those with an interest in and skills in music are bound to find something for them.

Dorothea Taylor is a whiz on the drums. She can keep a beat and maintain a rhythm with relative ease. It’s something that she has been doing for 60 years!

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Impressive Grandma On The Drums

In a clip posted on YouTube, Dorothea demonstrated her immense skills and talent on the drums during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. The grandma on the drums rocks out, playing “Stay Away,” a tune from the legendary grunge-era band Nirvana.

The 72-year-old drummer doesn’t miss a note, beating the drums right on cue, much to the studio audience’s delight. Her immense skill has the studio audience hooting and hollering as Dorothea Taylor puts on a fascinating and captivating display of musical talent.

Jennifer is also completely mesmerized by this grandma on the drums. The host is seemingly unable to take her eyes off Dorothea during her stunning performance.

Dorothea is amazing!

Not only does Dorothea dazzle on the drums, but she also gives Jennifer a quick lesson on the drums. Jennifer may be a Grammy Award-winning musician, but Dorothea has her beat when it comes to the drums.

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Colossians 3:16: “Let the word of Christ dwell in your richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

WATCH: 72-Year-Old Grandma On The Drums Stuns

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