Harrison Gilks Documents Final Days Before He Takes His Last Breath at 18 Surrounded by Family

teen passes away after sharing bucket list series

One young man, facing a grim medical diagnosis, decided to use the time he had left to go out and enjoy life.

Cancer is a frightening word that immediately strikes fear and dread in anyone who is unfortunate enough to hear it from a medical professional. No matter the form, a cancer diagnosis is enough to cause the patient and their loved ones much trepidation, and rightfully so.

However, one young man, 18-year-old Harrison Gilks decided to do something else entirely. In a video posted to TikTok in June 2022, Harrison mentioned the awful news he'd just received. He has terminal cancer.

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But during that same clip, Harrison also unveiled what he plans to do with his remaining time on Earth, according to People.

"I'd like to make a little series called, uh, maybe like, ‘Bucket List Series," he says. "I want to go out and do a bunch of stuff that I've always wanted to do, you know. I'm not sure what yet."

Later in that clip, he suggests possibly going "skydiving" and "stuff along those lines."

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Harrison goes out and enjoys life, doing everything he always wanted to do.

The 18-Year-Old Documents Himself Enjoying The Many Things on His Bucket List

In a follow-up video, Harrison announced he was going to a music festival. At the festival, he got to meet country singer Luke Combs.

In another video, Harrison, while in Los Angeles, attended an LA Rams game and even got a member of the Atlanta Falcons to take a selfie with him. He also met members of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team in another video.

In addition to sharing his adventures with his followers, the brave young man also shared updates about his cancer. He also talked about how his treatment was progressing.

In one of the last videos in Harrison's "Bucket List Series," he visited Cancun, Mexico with friends. He also shared a video of him parasailing in the country.

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Sadly, Harrison's brother posted a video on March 30, 2023, informing everyone that Harrison had passed away. He said, "He was not in pain when he passed away and was with his family."

The young man who had just lost a brother also thanked "everyone around the world for their support and their encouragement." Harrison's brother added that it "really did mean a lot to him."

What a sad and terrible outcome for Harrison and his family. However, Harrison, during his sickness, showed tremendous strength and bravery. When he could have remained fearful, he chose instead to enjoy the time God had given him.

Psalm 34:18 "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted; he is the savior of those whose spirits are crushed down."

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