High School Janitor Who’s Been Walking to Work Can’t Stop the Tears As Coworkers Gift Him a Car

high school janitor samuel james gifted car

Dedicated high school janitor Samuel James had no choice but to walk to work each day after his engine blew up. But when his coworkers found out, they knew just how to help!

Samuel James has worked as the Citronelle High School janitor for 13 years. He’s dedicated to his job and was determined to show up, no matter what, after his engine blew up.

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Samuel knew it would take him some time to save up for a new vehicle. So, he gave the school principal, Randy Campbell, a heads up that he’d be walking to work for a while.

But as it turns out, God had already arranged a special blessing for this high school janitor!

God Provides For A Servant In Need

Deborah Pippin, the English teacher at Citronelle High School, didn’t know about Samuel James’ car troubles. But after she and her husband got new vehicles, they found themselves no longer in need of their 10-year-old Toyota Highlander.

Most people would have sold the vehicle. But the couple was feeling called to give it away to someone as a blessing. They just didn’t know who.

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Then, Deborah mentioned her wish to Randy. And the principal immediately told them about that situation with their very own high school janitor. And they knew just what they needed to do!

“I just can’t think of somebody better to be able to give it to,” Deborah said. “And it’s going to be very special to see him have it.”

Cameras were rolling as some of the school staff surprised Samuel James with the vehicle. And what a sweet and emotional moment it was!

WATCH: Coworkers Surprise High School Janitor With A Car

“Our custodian Samuel James has been without a vehicle for some time, and has also been down with an injury recently,” the school wrote on Facebook. “We at Citronelle High wanted to help him out and get him back on his feet. Thank you Sam for all your years of service and for keeping our athletic facilities and our grounds in great shape!”

The incredible act of kindness left the high school janitor in tears and speechless. And he knew this blessing came from above.

“I’m just thankful that the Lord sent them my way,” Samuel said of Deborah Pippin and her husband. “I’m blessed to have this and blessed to have them as real good friends.”

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God’s timing is always perfect. And in this positive news story shows how He is already at work to answer our needs before we even know we have them!



WATCH: Beloved High School Janitor Surprised With A Car

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