Humpback Whales Crash Breakfast At Lodge

Humpback Whales Crash Breakfast At Lodge

Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia is a remote lodge that houses just 10 guests. These guests take part in the Great Bear Nature Tours, which offers excursions for observing and photographing grizzly bears as well as other wildlife species. Imagine their amazement as humpback whales crash breakfast at lodge!

During the day, guests can view the wildlife but they also have the comforts of a world-class lodge and dining. Well, these guests got more than they could ever imagine recently as they were finishing up breakfast. Just watch this incredible clip as guests gather around the water when they spot some splashing. There are even some people still in their robes, but everyone knew they couldn't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

As more movement is seen in the water, you can see guests start to get super excited. Then, two majestic humpback whales appear from the ripples and decide to join the guests for breakfast. These huge creatures are truly a sight to behold. God's creatures never cease to amaze me. He truly put so much time and thought into every tiny detail about the animals on this earth and it is incredible to witness.

That's exactly how I feel watching these amazing humpback whales in their natural habitat. I'm just so glad that some was recording this entire moment and now it's preserved for the entire world to see. I bet these guests were over the moon at this rare sight. Humpback whales are fascinating creatures that God created, and I’m sure these guests didn't expect to have such noteworthy guests join them for breakfast or else they might've dressed up a little more.

WATCH: Humpback Whales Crash Breakfast at Lodge


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