James MacArthur Of Hawaii Five-0 Shares Why He Never Wanted To Meet His Biological Parents

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James MacArthur of Hawaii Five-0 shares why he never wanted to meet his biological parents. And the reason just might surprise you!

Being adopted can leave treacherous scares with feelings of abandonment. Some live their whole lives wondering why they were given away.

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Still, others believe adoption is a gift of being given the chance at a better life. We know this to be true, thanks to the Bible. All of us are adopted into God's family when we accept Christ as our savior. It's incredible to think we have a family of believers around the world.

James MacArthur of Hawaii Five-0 is also thankful for the way his adoptive parents raised him. He recalled, "I remember that when I was very young, she insisted on spending at least one evening a week with me. Whenever that evening came, she and I would go off to the kitchen alone. Mom would turn off all the lights, take me in her lap and tell me stories.”

He continued, “Quickly the dark room would fill up with giants and boys and good guys and bad guys and all the other things she used to tell me about."

James MacArthur Of Hawaii Five-0 Biological Parents

When James MacArthur learned he was adopted, his parents gave him the opportunity to know who his biological parents were. But James wanted nothing to do with that. He was content with the love and family God had given him.

Here's the question James' father posed when people would talk about how James came to be a part of their family. "He's been our adopted son for seventeen years. When does he stop being adopted and start being our son? Don't these people have any heart?" His father said.

That is so true. James MacArthur has been their son since the day they brought him home. Blood doesn't make you family. Love does.

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"See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are," 1 John 3:1.

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