An Unwanted Teddy Bear Shares A Message About Jesus This Holiday Season

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Sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact that Jesus sees past imperfections. That is a message to be shared this holiday season and a teddy bear is used to illustrate that truth.

Amongst brand new, fluffy, and persevered stuffed animals, sat a torn, dingy, and ruined teddy bear. They were all sitting on a shelf in a store, waiting to be purchased. But the teddy bear knew he was not a suitable selection.

He was ashamed of the condition he was in. He had a huge hole in his arm, he had a missing eye, and his coat was dirty compared to the other stuffed animals. The poor teddy bear felt hopeless and wanted his flaws to be covered so that no one will see his faults.

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And sure enough, customers chose the most attractive stuffed animals over him. It made him want to be hidden in shiny wrapping paper even more. Eventually, he was the only one laying there on the shelf. He felt so low and now he hoped that no one would buy him. The teddy bear did not want someone to see how dirty he looked or be disgusted at how imperfect he was. He wanted to hide, he did not want to be seen.

That is when on customer came in and chose swept him off the shelf. He wrapped him in that beautiful, red wrapping paper that the teddy bear felt would be the answer. But now he was so afraid. He feared that he would not be good enough. He was scared that once he was unwrapped, he would not make a suitable gift. After all, expectations are high of a present wrapped in such beautiful paper.

There he sat in wrapping paper, under the Christmas tree waiting to be truly discovered. And when Christmas morning came, a little boy came and quickly unwrapped him. The teddy bear could not believe his reaction. The little boy was so happy to have the teddy bear and looked past his imperfections. He mended his hole, bathed his coat, and gave him a new eye. He loved his new teddy bear and cuddled with him while he read a book.

WATCH: Teddy Bear Shares How Jesus Sees Past Imperfections

Credit: Youtube/Co-Mission

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