What This Hollywood Actor Has To Say About ISIS Needs To Be Heard!

Finding Our Moral Compass

You may remember John Rhys-Davies from The Lord Of The Rings movies or perhaps from Indiana Jones. But it's time you remember him for another reason. This actor is speaking out about the atrocities happening to Christians overseas as a result of ISIS. And he wants to know why something isn't being done about it!

John was recently a guest on the podcast series, The Adam Corolla Show, and he had a lot to say about the lack of action seen from Western politicians when it comes to the Islamic terrorism that is targeting Christianity overseas. John explains:

"There is an extraordinary silence in the West. Basically, Christianity in the Middle East and in Africa is being wiped out – I mean not just ideologically but physically, and people are being enslaved and killed because they are Christians. And your country and my country (Wales) are doing nothing about it."

Adam was in complete agreement, citing the fixation on political correctness as being the reason nothing is being done.

Adam points out how, when Hitler was persecuting the Jewish, going after him in World War II was seen as a good thing. But nowadays, Adam suggests this type of action would be met with commentators such as Bill Maher "screaming" about tolerance.

John had the following to say:

"This is a unique age. We don't want to be judgmental. Every other age that's come before us has believed exactly the opposite. I mean, T.S. Eliot referred to ‘the common pursuit of true judgement.' Yes, that's what it's about. Getting our judgments right, getting them accurate."

With everything that has been in the news, all of the horrible acts committed by ISIS, both Adam and John feel like it's time for the U.S. and England to step up and get involved. John offered up the following explanation as to why politicians are hesitant to do so:

"I think it's an age where politicians don't actually say what they believe. They are afraid of being judged as being partisan. Heaven forbid we should criticize people who, after all, share a different ‘value system.'’"

He goes on to say:

"We have lost our moral compass completely, and unless we find it, we're going to lose our civilization."

There's no denying that the attacks that are being orchestrated by ISIS are utterly horrifying. And that Christianity as a whole is under attack. Let us offer up the following prayer:

Lord God, our country needs you so desperately. Please be with our leaders as they face the threats of terrorist groups such as ISIS. Let them ignore the pressure of political correctness, and instead let them turn to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Give them a boldness to honor you and heed your word. Please deliver us from the evil forces that seek to destroy us. And please put an end to the violence taking place overseas. Please protect not just the lives of your followers, but all lives being threatened by such acts of hatred. We pray that those who do not know you will find you. And we pray that your will, not the will of man, will be done.

In Jesus' name, we pray.


"My desire is, first of all, that you will make requests and prayers and give praise for all men; for kings and all those in authority; so that we may have a calm and quiet life in all fear of God and serious behavior." I Timothy 2:1-2

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h/t: Breitbart

Credit/Image Credit: The Adam Corolla Show