Kirk Cameron Sits Down With His Siblings To Talk About Raising Kids With Christ-Like Values

kirk cameron and siblings on parenting

Kirk Cameron and siblings are in the trenches of what it means to lean on Jesus during years of growing a family. It's a conversation you don't want to miss as Kirk Cameron sits down with his siblings to talk about raising kids with Christ-like values.

Kirk has been a force of nature since the moment he arrived on the TV as Mike Seaver on the show ‘Growing Pains.' But he's just as humble and Christ-centered in real life. (I can actually say so after meeting him at an event in Nebraska.)

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Over breakfast, Kirk Cameron and his siblings — Candace Cameron Bure, Bridgette Cameron, and Melissa Cameron — sat down together and dished over being a light and voice in the lives of their kids despite today's culture.

After Melissa shared about losing one of her twins in miscarriage, she talked about what it meant to trust not only in Jesus but in her mother. At the time of her miscarriage, she had called her mom who insisted that she have an ultrasound before she went in for emergency surgery.

Because she listened and trusted her mom, she insisted on having an ultrasound and learned that she was carrying twins. She then learned she had miscarried only one of the babies. Had she not listened to her mom, both babies would surely have died. Melissa is grateful today for her mother's advice, otherwise, her child Reese would not be here.

Kirk agreed and added, "Think of how many more voices are in our kids' ears, through their phone with social important it is to have a trusted voice."

Kirk Cameron And Siblings Discuss Parenting

Together Kirk Cameron and his siblings talked about the choices they've made to instill the light of Jesus in their homes including whether or not to homeschool. Melissa made the choice to homeschool and she doesn't regret it, saying, "What I love the most about it is I get to delight in them and enjoy them...relationship is so important."

She goes on to say that because her parents did such a good job of putting family first, she wants to carry that on. Candace and Kirk agreed. Even though both of them are staring down the barrel of the empty nesting years, they are excited to see the individuals they are raising.

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Kirk said, "It really is exciting because these are the years that you plant those seeds like in a garden and all these years you're watering and nurturing and lots of sunlight and now start to see the fruit. You see who they're going to become."

Tongue in cheek, he also looks forward to the day he gets his ‘girlfriend' back-his wife who has poured herself into their children. Between his six kids and three dogs, he knows these years are precious, but he can't wait to make even more precious memories when he and his wife become empty nesters, but he stresses how important it is to be a voice in a child's life.

Yet, all siblings agree family comes first during the childhood years just as it was when they were kids. At the end of their honest and vulnerable conversation, the siblings headed to a go-kart track to race each other.

Kirk Cameron And Siblings Race

Candace was sure she was going to win. But as all sibling outings go-sibling rivalry ensued and Candace ended up in the ER after she crashed her go-kart with a little help from her brother!

And that's only because she was in the lead when Kirk tried to pass her, but his Kart literally drove up over the top of her. There were a few heart-stopping moments when the cameras blacked out and all you can hear is the audio of the siblings calling for an ambulance. But you know what they say, kids will be kids!

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Candace learned she had a bruised hand but no broken bones when Kirk joked, "She's doing fine; she's just bruised up. I have taken sibling rivalry to a whole new level."

All joking aside, he said that a family that prays together, stays together," and he thanked God for protecting them and prayed God would heal his sister's body after their fun sibling outing ended up with a trip to the ER.

What can you and I learn from this amazing inside look into the family life of Kirk Cameron and his siblings? We learn there will be unforeseen events, disasters, and precious moments but through it all God is at the center. For the tired and weary parents, may we realize just how important it is to be a voice and invest in the years when we are raising kids.

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"Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that it might go well with them and their children forever!" Deuteronomy 5:29

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