How To Make Sure The Inspirational Stories You Love Stay In Your News Feed

Facebook recently announced a change which has pretty major implications for what will (and won’t) be showing up in your News Feed. Unfortunately, though, this adjustment could be cutting you off from the uplifting stories you’ve come to love from brands like ours. And sadly, our friends at Little Things — another leading site in the feel-good news arena — have become the first victim of Facebook’s News Feed changes.

Why Inspirational Stories Are So Important

Turn on the news and you’ll usually hear something awful and terrifying. Log on to social media and you’ll find people arguing over just about everything and anything. It can be really hard these days to escape all the negativity. That’s why our mission at GodUpdates, GodTube and Godvine is to bring a positive light and God’s love to the Internet. We want to focus on finding and sharing the good news. And trust me, it’s out there!

We (and similar brands like Little Things) rely heavily on Facebook to deliver these stories and videos to you. And that’s because social media is where our audience (that’s you!) are able to see, share, and discuss the content we provide.

Maybe we post an in-depth inspirational story from someone who’s overcome unimaginable obstacles. Sometimes it’s a prayer to help with something you or a loved one may be facing (or even a Live Video where we actually get to pray with you!). Other times it’s as simple as a precious fur-baby doing something unbearably cute.

No matter what the post is, they all are meant to do the same thing. Brighten your day and remind you that God is still at work in the world. And our Lord Jesus is bigger than all the bad stuff that’s out there!

But now, Facebook is tweaking their algorithm (the automated process used for populating your News Feed) to move away from content posted by businesses and brands. The company announced its goal is to bring “people closer together.” Unfortunately, though, these changes are making it more and more difficult to get our inspirational stories in front of you.

How Inspirational Stories Are Being Threatened

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon start seeing less and less of us (and other brands) in your News Feed, even if you’ve liked our page. So you may see lots more of those political posts from that one friend you don’t agree with, but you may not be seeing the positive stories we’re posting.

Brands everywhere are seeing huge dips in the traffic as a result of the News Feed changes. And sadly, for Little Things, a partner in the inspirational stories field, those changes hit especially hard. On February 28, 2018, Little Things made the shocking and heartbreaking announcement that they were shutting down.

WATCH: A Heartfelt Response To The Shut-Down Of Little Things

How to Continue Receiving Your Inspirational Stories from Us

If you want to continue to get inspirational stories from us each day (and we sure hope you do!) there are a couple of simple things you can do.

  1. Sign up for our daily newsletter
  2. Use ‘See First’ on Facebook

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Facebook See First

Did you know that Facebook has a way to let you prioritize to see the people and posts that matter most to you? It’s called ‘See First’, and here’s how you set it on Facebook.

Step by Step – Here’s how to set your Preferences to See Pages (And People) You Like First in Your Facebook News Feed

Go to a page you follow and click the arrow far right in the blue section.

Go to News Feed Preferences.

Select the profile pictures of the people and pages you want to see first and hit ‘done’.

It’s that simple!

Here’s the information listed step-by-step from Facebook’s help pages:

Facebook See First - Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories - Facebook News Feed - See First

Keep Up With The Good News!

Thank you so much for joining us in making the Internet a more positive place. It’s truly a blessing to serve you with inspirational stories and videos each day. There’s no greater joy than sharing the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

“Now, brothers and sisters, I want you to remember the Good News I told you. You received that Good News message, and you continue to base your life on it. That Good News, the message you heard from me, is God's way to save you. But you must continue believing it. If you don't, you believed for nothing.” 1 Corinthians 15:1-2


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