Man Was Drowning And The Brave Hero Who Saved Him Is A 12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

man drowning in river

After spotting a man drowning in the river, a 12-year-old boy steps in and risks his life to save the stranger in trouble.

Ethan Hutchings from Wales has been self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic after he battled with thyroid cancer. "Ethan hasn't had treatment for the last year and a half to two years but he's still having regular scans and blood tests to make sure the levels are staying down," shared Emma Hutchings, Ethan's mother.

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But even with his compromised immune system, Ethan knew that he had to act quickly when he saw the man drowning in the river. Despite the risk of coming into contact with others and contracting coronavirus, Ethan acted without hesitation to help the man in need.

"I've been taught how to do CPR at school before, so I knew how to do that," Ethan said.

12-Year-Old Boy Who Survived Thyroid Cancer Saves Man Drowning In River

Emma Hutchings was walking near her home when she heard ambulance sirens and saw a medical helicopter flying overhead. She didn't know that her son was at the scene where the help was needed. She just thought that it must be serious in order for all those medical vehicles to be there.

Emma was filled with pride once she heard that Ethan's brave actions saved someone's life. "I'm so proud of him for having that courage and bravery that he had to think so quickly. Especially for someone of his age," Emma shared.

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What a courageous little boy! His heroic actions are something that definitely deserves to be praised!

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