Nick Cordero’s Wife, Amanda Kloots, Gets 1st Hospital Visit As Broadway Star Battles for His Life

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Amanda Kloots, the wife of Nick Cordero from Blue Bloods and Rock of Ages, is praying for a miracle and keeping the faith as her husband battles life-threatening coronavirus complications.

Nick Cordero is a talented actor. He has appeared in the TV show Blue Bloods, as well as several popular Broadway shows such as Rock of Ages and Waitress.

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But in March of 2020, he began an intense fight for his life after contracting COVID-19.

Coronavirus Nearly Claims Life Of Broadway Star

Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero’s wife, turned to Instagram with the tragic news. There, she let fans know that the Broadway star is fighting for his life and asked everyone to lift him up in prayer.

“My whole world has stopped,” she wrote on social media. "Please pray for my husband. Prayer warriors, prayer circles, whatever you've got.”

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Nick spent several weeks in a coma so his body “could get enough oxygen.” The low blood flow forced doctors into amputating his right leg on April 18.

As Nick Cordero lay unconscious, prayers and support poured in through social media. And on May 12, something amazing happened. Amanda announced that her husband had finally awoken from his coma!

“We have an army behind him that cheered, sang, and prayed for him to wake up,” she said.

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Amanda Kloots continues to lean on her friends, family, and followers for support, trusting more miracles are coming. The encouragement she’s received has truly been a blessing since she hasn’t been able to even visit her husband at the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions. But she and 1-year-old son, Elvis, stop at 3 PM EST every day to honor Nick in a special way.

Together, they sing Nick Cordero’s original song, ‘Live Your Life’. The tune has become a type of rally cry in the face of his health battle.

Nick Cordero Battles Serious Coronavirus Complications

The havoc the coronavirus has wreaked on Nick’s body is tremendous.

“We did learn that due to COVID Nick’s lungs are severely damaged,” Amanda explained. “To look almost like he’s been a smoker for 50 years they said. They are that damaged.”

Nick’s weakened state excludes him from receiving a lung transplant. Doctors feared he wouldn’t have the strength to survive the procedure. The odds seemed stacked against him on every front.

But wife, Amanda Kloots, kept praying and trusting God with her husband’s health.

“I've been told a couple times that he won't make it — I've been told to say goodbye,” she said. “I've been told it would take a miracle. Well, I have faith. Faith that is small as a mustard seed sometimes, but that is all you need… I believe God is with us, with the doctors and with Nick.”

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Nick Cordero keeps fighting every day. And he is getting “slightly, slightly better each day.”

Father’s Day brought a special blessing for Amanda Kloots. For the first time in 79 days, she was able to visit her husband in person. She shared a photo on Instagram of her holding Nick’s hand, along with the lyrics to Andy Grammer’s song, ‘Don’tGive Up On Me’.

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Amanda Kloots Keeps The Faith During Husband’s Battle

Amanda is focusing on celebrating the little victories and continuing in praying for the Lord to work a miracle. And every step toward recovery brings more and more hope.

"[The doctor] told me today that despite a not pretty CT scan on Nick’s chest and lungs area, that the lungs are amazing and they can function, and we just keep thinking about the options that we have and getting him stronger. He said that he has seen lungs recover and they do incredible things,” Amanda said. “So don’t give up hope because you never know what the functionality of something is based off of a picture."

Amanda Kloots continues to share updates on Nick Cordero’s health on Instagram. But she’s also sharing the faith she holds dear, as well as living out that faith publicly.

“I was raised knowing God, reading the Bible and the power of prayer. I love that going to church on Sundays makes me feel renewed and connected to something bigger than myself,” she wrote on Instagram. Amanda went on to say, “I love that in hard times, like the one I'm in, I can lean on my faith to help guide me through.”

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Our hearts and prayers go out to this precious family. And we’re believing God is going to continue to heal Nick Cordero!

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