She Was Told Her Son Died At Birth But 42 Years Later, He Turns Up On Her Doorstep

mother reunites son she was told died 42 years ago

After more than four decades, a woman has been reunited with a man stolen at birth, her son, who she was told had died.

Parents love their children and want nothing but the best for them. Any significant amount of time parents are separated and unable to hug their children can feel like a lifetime. For most mothers and fathers, a weekend without their kids can be too much to handle.

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One woman, Maria Angelica Gonzalez, went decades without seeing her child due to lies she was told following her son's birth, according to Fox News.

Forty-two years ago, Maria gave birth to a baby boy in Santiago, Chile. But the outlet reports that soon after Jimmy Lippert Thyden's birth, he was whisked away from his mother. Hospital workers took the newborn from Maria.

Jimmy states in a video posted on YouTube that the doctors told his mother he needed to be in an incubator. Maria never saw her baby boy again. She was told that her newborn baby had passed away.

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But, as Jimmy explains, thanks to online research, he was able to track down his birth mother.

"I was able to find her because of, because of the DNA through," Jimmy said.

Jimmy hoped on a plane and traveled thousands of miles. At his destination, the now-lawyer, who resides in Virginia, met his birth mother for the first time.

The Mother-Son Reunion Was An Emotional Moment, 42 Years In The Making

As one could expect, Maria and Jimmy's reunion was an emotional moment filled with hugs and tears. The video shows Jimmy, with a bouquet of flowers, walking over to Maria as the two envelop one another in a long and overdue hug as both shed tears of joy.

Jimmy told Fox News that his mother said he had "no idea the oceans I've cried for" him. He added that she "laid awake praying that God let me live long enough to learn what happened" to her son all those years ago.

Jimmy and Maria were separated as part of a child trafficking operation, a "counterfeit adoption." Fox News reports that during the 1970s and 1990s thousands of babies were illegally taken from their mothers in the South American country.

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"But now we still have faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of this is love."1 Corinthians 13:13

WATCH: Mother-Son Reunite In Emotional Moment After 42 Years

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